Welcome to Rune's Page of Stuff

Ah, for some reason you have come to this wonderous chuck on the web, that which I have claimed as my own personal home. I am your host, Rune Lai, and I hope you will enjoy what you may find here. I am active in several ways across the web, and here is where you may find me or my work:

Web Sites I Maintain:

Shrine to Ghaleon - This is a popular Lunar website I've been running since April of '96 and is dedicated to one of my favorite video game characters. The fanfics I started writing years ago for this page have been something of my claim to fame and inspired me to resume my writing when I might have otherwise never gotten "back in the swing of things".

Lunar IRC RPG V: Magic Empire - This IRC RPG ran for over two years and was started while I had a lot more free time! It's set in the same universe as my Lunar fanfics and those interested in discovering more about my setting may choose to investigate it. My players may tell you I'm a demon, but they may also tell you that I'm a dedicated GM and I did a lot of work for my game.

The Restoration Saga - Restoration is my longest single fanfic to date and so much detail has been placed in it that I decided to create a small site devoted to it and its related stories. This site also hosts screen captures from the image gallery of the Phantasy Star Collection CD.

Various Groups I Participate In:

Critters Workshop - Possibly the largest online writing workshop centered around fantasy, science fiction, and horror writers. (I don't like horror personally, but oddly enough, even though bookstores keep those genres separate a lot of writing markets don't.) Though incredibly huge, the workshop appears to be extremely well run.

Lunar: A Story Forgotten 2 - Sequel game to the IRC RPG I used to play in from late 1996 into 1998. My character is a fellow by the name of Jan. He's an undead slayer.

Other Pages of Mine:

My Bio - This is pretty self explanitory. You also can find a list of my web-posted fanfics here.

My Awards - Awards and recognition my fanfics have received.

Blood Ties - Katherine Brown has been cool enough to illustrate my Voltron fanfic Blood Ties . Scans of her chapter 1 comic are here.

IRC RPGs - Listing of games I've taken part in.

Flame Bait - In which I give my thoughts on various video games and books.

Personal Links - Various sites of interest that I frequent. Lunar links can be found at the Shrine to Ghaleon and Phantasy Star links at The Restoration Saga.

Current Stories I'm Working On:


  • Restoration Ch. 55 (Phantasy Star)

  • Original Works:

  • Gren and the Dragon (revising)
  • ...and revising about four other stories as well...

  • Video Games I'm Currently Playing:

  • Disgaea: Hour of Darkness (Playstation2)
  • Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town (GBA)
  • Soul Calibur III (Playstation2)

  • Last adjustments were November 13, 2005