Fanfic Awards

In the realms of fanfiction I've explored, there's little in the way of recognition for a work besides another person's hearty recommendation and the occasional piece of fanmail. Both are treasured by the long suffering writer, but occasionally a writer would like a little something more. In this case, I've received a few awards for my fanfiction and this page is dedicated to host them.

Most these honors came in the early half of 2000, and since I've rarely seen the like during my five years of posting fanfiction on the web, I didn't expect to see any more of them again soon, but I did get another one (sort of) later on. And of course, if anyone feels like giving me another award (and a real one please, not something made up just for me) I certainly won't object. ;)

Awards and Honors My Fanfiction Have Received:

February 6th, 2000 - "University Blues" wins Shack's Daily Excuse Award. It is the first and (to date) only Phantasy Star fic to do so.

April 2nd, 2000 - The Phantasy Star Fanfic Awards end and I snag three. Restoration won 3rd for Best Novella/Novel, Lore Drakon (of Restoration fame) won 3rd for Best Original Character, and "Fatherhood" took 1st for Best Character Study. Click on the name of the awards to see the awards themselves.

October 6, 2000 - "Anubis, Arise!" is the Featured Fic of the update at Swiftgold's Ronin Warriors Fanfic Page. You can view the graphic by Tasha Mac here.

February 2001 - I'm now a featured author at the Phantasy Star Pages.

Last adjustments were March 2, 2001