You can thank my friend Blake for this!

Ain't he a cutie? ^_- Meet Dunkelein (Dun-kel-ein), my adopted black dragon. I'm such a sucker for blacks. His name is German for "Dark One" but I think of him Dunk or Dunkelchen (Darkie) sometimes.

My friend Blake told me over IRC about Thunder Bolt, a blue dragon he had adopted for his web page. So when I visited his page next I followed the link to the Adopt a Dragon Foundation, curious to see what else was available. I browsed and I browsed, and most of the dragons didn't interest me. But then I found a cute little black dragon, a recent arrival, sitting among all the reds, blues, and greens, and I knew if I got one he would have to be it!

So I signed up as a member and adopted the cute little guy. And here's his certificate!

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