A Bow and a Nod to Those Who Made This Possible

After six years of being a presence on the web, the Shrine to Ghaleon has many people to thank. In alphabetical order, I have these people in particular to thank for their contributions.

Alex, for the 5th anniversary gift art.

Blake, for giving me Ghaleon wavs from TSS , scans from the TSS hintbook and SSS artbook, screen captures from EBC , for being the first person to let me post his fanfic in the archive, and most of all for being a friend.

Bryia Avergnon, my brother (no that's not his real name), for letting me use his copy of SSS to make all my screen captures.

Cole, for the Omni Zophar mod.

Dana Vanstane, for the Shrine to Ghaleon link banner.

DMAlthena (aka Tenko-chan), for the SSS manga scans.

Evil Grin, for giving the Shrine its first award.

Frank Holtham, for the TSS screen capture of Ghaleon in demon form.

GhaleonOne and NallWdrgn, for the Lunar Legend screen captures.

LeVar Holmes, for 4th anniversary gift art.

Neon Tiger, for the Vheen Hikuusen Monogatari manga scans.

Renn Shion, for 3rd anniversary gift art.

Stig H, for the SSS and EBC Ghaleon outtakes.

V-Alis, for the Ghaleon link button.

All the fanfic authors and fanartists who have contributed to the Shrine.

Everyone who's written to me in support of this site, thank you, your comments are not forgotten.

Working Designs and Ubisoft for bringing Lunar to the U.S.

GameArts for creating the world that is Lunar.

Addr.com; okay, so they're my web space provider, but still I've found their service to be reliable and they gave the Shrine a better place to live.

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Last adjustments were December 29, 2002