Lunar Download Submissions

The purpose of the Lunar Download section is to set up a location where fans can get wallpaper, icons, Winamp skins, etc. with which to customize their computers, though if you have anything else to offer by all means contact me and I'll see if I have a place for it either here or somewhere else in the Shrine. When you send files, please keep them a reasonable size. I don't like to be surprised by long downloads and I don't have the benefit of cable, DSL, or ethernet speeds with my modem. So I'd like to keep the length of my wait to a minimum while still giving people some creative leeway. Also, this will hopefully prevent those who send me files of unnecessary size from doing it again.

Based on guidelines I've seen on other sites and from what I've downloaded myself, I've decided to set these guidelines on file sizes. Winamp skins must be under 400k and wallpaper under 1.5 megs. Anything bigger will not be accepted. Due to the small nature of icons and cursors there is no size limit for them (though if someone manages to send me one two megs big you can believe that person will hear from me). Files must be sent zipped.

For Windows themes or anything else, contact me first and let me know how big the file(s) are after they have been zipped.

I will not accept any material that has been taken from another web site (i.e. don't send me a Windows theme that uses wallpaper taken from Working Designs' web site) unless you have the creator's permission.

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Last adjustments were April 9, 2000