The Tapestries of Althena - Tenth Hall

Tenth Hall of Tapestries

Artist: Kevin Phelps
Format: JPEG
Size: 43k
Ghaleon, as portrayed in Ghost of Caldor Isle , complete with saber-toothed kitty. ^_-
Artist: V-Alis
Format: GIF
Size: 30k
Pencil sketch of Lemina looking happy.
Artist: Kristina Strife
Format: JPEG
Size: 71k
Super-deformed Ghaleon looks a little... embarrassed. But who wouldn't be when caught like that?
Artist: Tyson Hodges
Format: JPEG
Size: 66k
Pencil work of Dragonmaster Alex.
Artist: Tonya
Format: JPEG
Size: 46k
Mhaiera from Awakening .
Artist: Rae Salyer
Format: JPEG
Size: 23k
Jessica winds up to deliver a nasty punch!
Artist: Rae Salyer
Format: JPEG
Size: 7k
Lemina shows off her dearest love--money.
Artist: Rae Salyer
Format: JPEG
Size: 24k
Ruby in a human form, still wearing the same bow as in her dragon one.
Artist: Rae Salyer
Format: JPEG
Size: 12k
A youthful looking Ronfar.
Artist: Yeni
Format: JPEG
Size: 390k
This piece is titled Luna and her Star.

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