The Tapestries of Althena - Fourth Hall

Fourth Hall of Tapestries

Artist: Aquamarine
Format: GIF
Size: 21k
Aw... Isn't Nall adorable?
Artist: Danni Vanstane
Format: JPEG
Size: 66k
Luna sitting on a rock, probably somewhere on Caldor Isle. ^^;
Artist: Yeni
Format: JPEG
Size: 45k
Ghaleon playing his "lute" like instrument (it certainly doesn't sound like a lute though!).
Artist: Yeni
Format: JPEG
Size: 117k
And another picture of Ghaleon; this time in his EB outfit.
Artist: Rune Lai
Format: GIF
Size: 14k
My swift computer-colored drawing of a Christmas Luna.
Artist: Jeanette Kalb
Format: JPEG
Size: 120k
A red dragon of Althena (not Ruby).
Artist: Shiva Indis
Format: JPEG
Size: 23k
Scanned art of Mia colored with a computer.
Artist: S. Rodak
Format: JPEG
Size: 82k
A picture of Lucia against the backdrop of the Blue Star.
Artist: Lord Otakon
Format: GIF
Size: 220k
Hm... is this the reason Nall's hair is the way it is?
Artist: V-Alis
Format: GIF
Size: 39k
Jean, Leo, Alisia, Khalidah, and other characters from V-Alis's The Lost Dragoon of Lunar

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