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With the English release of Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete and Lunar: Eternal Blue Complete the Shrine to Ghaleon receives fanfics based off of both that timeline and the original The Silver Star and Eternal Blue. Fans of who haven't played both the Sega CD and Saturn/Playstation versions should keep in mind that the fanfics here may be based on either of the two storylines. (No Lunar Legend fanfics yet but I suppose it's only a matter of time.)

If you don't want to sift through the 60+ story descriptions below, check the Fanfic and Author Index to search by name, story length, or if the fanfic is already completed.

Crossing the Rubicon

by Rune Lai

This short story takes place just after Alex has arrived in Vane in Lunar: The Silver Star. It's a journal entry told from Ghaleon's point of view.


by Blake

An explaination for the dopplegangers found in the Lunar: Eternal Blue game as well as an encounter in which Hiro and his friends must deal with them.

Dyne No More

by Blake

The majority of this quick sketch takes place after Crossing the Rubicon (the beginning part taking place after Dyne's fateful battle with the black dragon) and follows Dyne for a short while, detailing his first encounter with Ghaleon since their fight against the black dragon.

Lunar: Return to the Blue Star

by Lou Arruda

This fanfic details the adventures of the first Dragonmaster to rise since the restoration of the Blue Star. Many players suspect that the Blue Star is Earth, and this fanfic places the Lunar games before the Earth we know came to exist.

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

by Rune Lai

Young Ghaleon comes to the decision that Althena is no longer fit to rule Lunar and he embarks on his quest to dethrone the goddess and join forces with the Vile Tribe.

The Dragonmaster

by Kevin Phelps

This is the tale about the origin of the first Dragonmaster and his visits to the each of the four dragons to gain their approval.

An Ending

by Rune Lai

A short story depicting the ending of Lunar: The Silver Star with a greater focus on Ghaleon's actions. (Author's Note: This story is one of my older works and as such may have some inconsistenties with what you may see in my other fanfics.)

When Warriors Die

by Ashryn Sikirus

The story of Hiro's past and what happened to his parents is finally told. This fanfic also details his first encounter with Ruby. Removed at the author's request.

Dragonmaster Blake

by Blake

This story takes place in ancient times on Lunar before the coming of personalities such as Alex and Hiro. But again an evil wizard is running rampant and a Dragonmaster must rise to fight him.

Lemina's Past

by Ashryn Sikirus

This is a short sketch of a few of the early events in Lemina's life, including the time she first meets Borgan. Removed at the author's request.

Wild Cats of the Forest of Illusion

by Ashryn Sikirus

Hiro, Lemina, Jean, and Leo are attacked by a pair of werewolves while traveling through the Illusion Forest. They appear to be after Jean, but why? Removed at the author's request.


by Rune Lai

Millennia have passed since the days of Zophar and Althena. The Blue Star has been restored, but it is not as safe as it seems. Three powerful warrior mages are unknowingly summoned to face an enemy darker than anything Lunar has ever seen.

Bedtime Story

by D. L. Smith

This is a cute little bedtime story telling the tale of how the beast races were created. Just for fun, see if you can guess who's child this is in the story and guess which video game the storybook at the end is about.


by Blake

The story of the cause of the black dragon's insanity is here. It's sort of a sequel to Dragonmaster Blake , although you certainly can enjoy it without having read the previous story.


by Rune Lai

Memories can be both a boon and a curse. For Ghaleon, returning to the site of the black dragon's cave means reliving the journey he took with Dyne over fifteen years ago.


by Blake

The black dragon of Lunar: The Silver Star has been unlucky in love and life. And now the author of Dragonmaster Blake and Insanity brings this poor soul's tale to a conclusion.

Decision at Talon

by Rune Lai

Commemorating the first year anniversary of Dragonmaster Lou's Lunar mailing list, this fanfic stars eight members of that list who battle to free the slaves from the oppression of the Talon Mine.

Chasm of Darkness

by Frank Holtham

In the years after Ghaleon's defeat by Alex, life has settled down. Although time has passed, the serenity will not remain for long.

The Calling of Ayin

by Sakeru T. C. B.

Ayin is a young girl living in the millennia since Zophar's defeat. Though initially no different from anyone else her age, this green-eyed teenager picks up the call to arms when her village is destroyed by an unknown evil force.

A Breach of Time

by Tifa

Zophar comes up with a plan to permenantly rid of himself of Hiro and break Lucia's heart at the same time.

Lunar: Mirror Images

by Roas Atrades

Cole and his friends return (in more ways than one!) in the sequel to Lunar: Tides of Time ! Ziatoch may be gone, but his defeat was only the beginning of something entirely new. Once again the companions must fight to save the fate of Lunar and the Blue Star.

Mystery Science Theater, Blue Star

by Sean Hollern

This title speaks for itself. ^_- Evil reaches a new low as Zophar forces the cast of Eternal Blue to watch bad video games!

Hell Hath No Fury

by Demos

Locked in the realm of death, Ghaleon begins a daring plan to redeem himself in Althena's eyes.

Ghost of Caldor Isle

by Rune Lai

Long before the days he met Dyne, before he learned magic at the school of Vane, Ghaleon lived a humble life. Uncertain of his origin or even his own age, an adolescent Ghaleon goes through his day to day life on Caldor Isle, until something unusual happens...

The Lost Dragoon of Lunar

by V-Alis

Though the Blue Star has yet to recover from Zophar's attack eons ago, small pockets of humanity survive in patches of green where they live ignorant of Althena and Lunar. But one of those people is about to break the barrier and discover a secret that will change her world. This fanfic is still in progress.

Diary of a Fallen Hero

by Demos

Ghaleon's life has fascinated nearly all the people whose lives he touched. It is no wonder people seek to keep his diary alive, and know what caused the fall of a hero.

I, the Blue Dragon

by Rune Lai

The blue dragon of Althena is confronted by Ghaleon when he comes to her lair to steal her aura. Fearful and outraged, she seeks to elude him, but instead learns something valuable in return.


by Blake

In the years following The Silver Star and Middleground (a Lunar IRC RPG), the black dragon, Ebony, meets with an infant Ruby and a much larger Nall to witness the birth of a new blue dragon.

Star Dragon, the Legacy

by Demos

The Star Dragon has always been some of an enigma, a mystery set to stage but never unveiled. Now the Star Dragon shares his history for the first time so that he may pass on his legacy.

Dark Emperor

by Reverend Love

Ghaleon awaits the arrival of Alex and his friends at the peak of the massive mobile castle known as the Grindery. He knows that he must face them, and in this alternate universe, nothing will stand in his way.

Message Board Madness

by Various Authors

Created by denizens of the Shrine's Message Board this is a collection of the humerous fanfic shorts that have been posted on it.

A New Beginning

by Demos

Lucia faces a difficult choice as Hiro and his friends reach their final confrontation with Zophar. What must she do should the power of humanity fail?

A Dragon's Pride

by Rune Lai and Blake

The four dragons of Althena have always aided heroes when Lunar was in danger. They were bastions of the Goddess; beautiful, long-lived, and powerful. Yet there is evil in all creatures, and the dragons are not exempt. Now they must find it in themselves to discover the root of a pain dealt long ago.

Heir to the Guild

by Rune Lai

Time heals all wounds, some slower than others. Five years have passed since the day of Ghaleon's defeat, yet the memory of his life and the burden of duties to come weigh heavily on the mind of a particular young woman.

Lucia's Realization

by Mira Salyer

Pressed on by the urgency of her mission, Lucia abandons Hiro and his friends at Zulan to continue on her quest to find Althena. But it is only away from him that she understands what has given her the strength to come thus far.

Dark Uprisings

by Demos

The first book in a three part trilogy, this story details the first apperance of the Unholy Soldier, whose coming heralds an unpleasant change that will mark Lunar forever.

Lunar the Blue Star Saga

by Fred Wilson

Three years after the defeat of Zophar, a powerful herald appears on the Blue Star and kidnaps Lucia, claiming the need to return Althena's avatar to her.

Dragonmaster Chronicles: Leon, the Mighty Gale

by Ambrienne

The story of Dragonmaster Leon begins with his journey on his uncle's ship as he heads for the floating city of Vane to become a student. Fanfic is still being written.

The Ones Left Behind

by Blake

Left abandoned in the Grindery after the destruction of Althena's Fortress, the surviving dragons make ready to move on with their lives.

But Not Regret

by Tonya

Ghaleon travels from Vane to Quark's cave only to find himself increasingly sickened by what is about to happen. His emotions in turmoil, he almost wishes things would be different, but there's no turning back.

Betrayal's Lesson

by Rune Lai

Excerpted from his memoirs, Nash reflects on the path he has taken and the damage he caused by his involvement with Ghaleon and a naivete that nearly ruined his world.

A Tear in Time

by Dana Vanstane

Another life opens up to a proud student in Vane, leading him from his native city on a quest to discover what powers are behind his transformation and who they are.

Dragonmaster Chronicles: Two Are Better Than One

by Ambrienne

Long ago in Lunar's past, there were twin sisters, Alicia and Laticia that both strove to become Dragonmaster and succeeded. This fanfic is still being written.

Lunar: Birth of the Cyclone Empress

by Fred Wilson

This is the early story of the character Visions from Lunar the Blue Star Saga and how she came to be the ward of one of Lunar's most powerful personas.


by Tonya

A wish deprived. A bond of ages. Mhaiera wakes to find the world she knew has changed, greatly so. But if there is one thing on her mind, it is that she must find the one she asked to wait for her, the one person dearer to her than all of Lunar. Ghaleon.

Mia's Grief

by Matt Taylor

Mia deals with the death of her father after Ghaleon's defeat at the hand of Alex and company. Sometimes the road to recovery needs to be taken with friends.

The Pain of One

by Stig H.

Quinn had, until now, led an easy life together with his grandparents in the Madoria plains. But, as he starts getting painful seizures, they see no other solution for him, than having to leave for Vane in hope of finding a cure.

Following the Shadows

by Ian N. Cohen

After Dragonmaster Alex defeated Ghaleon, Mia was devastated by Ghaleon's death, just like Ghaleon himself was when Dyne was "killed." Will Mia follow in Ghaleon's footsteps?


by Cecilia Hironoshi

This story follows Nash's journey from the top of Myght's tower to the end of the confrontation with Ghaleon in Ruid using the Silver Star Story storyline.

Just Like Old Times (aka Another Fine Mess)

by Ian N. Cohen

Just before his sixteenth birthday, Ramus arrives at Alex's home in Burg, letting him know that someone has killed Dross and stolen the Dragon Diamond! Alex and his friends start out on another adventure, but somehow nothing seems quite right...

Let Rise the Dreams of Your Heart

by D. Cooper

This in a charming story in which Lemina travels back in time to the era of Lunar: Silver Star Story .

Confession of the Soul

by Rune Lai

Prose adaptation of the second storyline in Akari Funato's Vane Airship Stories manga. Ghaleon and Dyne journey to Vane and meet Lemia for the first time.

Comrades in Arms, Volume One: In the Beginning...

by Ian N. Cohen

The first of three volumes chronicling the story of the Four Heroes. Based on the timeline of Lunar: Silver Star Story .

If Love Were Only Part of the Equation

by K'Arthur

Four years after the events of Lunar: SSSC , Mia prepares with friends new and old to re-open the once renowned Magic Guild. Yet new threats lay in hiding both within and outside the Fallen City. Fanfic is in progress.

Searching for Comfort

by Heather Rogerson

On board the Dragonship Destiny, Leo agonizes over his conflict of interests as he takes Lucia and her companions to Pentagulia. Should he proceed with the orders of the Goddess Althena or follow his heart and make a different choice?


by Amanda Freitag

Alternate universe companion story to Long Day's Journey Into Night by a different author. Nash finds a way to escape Mia's death.

Comrades in Arms, Volume Two: The Dogs of War

by Ian N. Cohen

The second of three volumes chronicling the story of the Four Heroes. Based on the timeline of Lunar: Silver Star Story .

Ghaleon's Tears

by Gon

Ghaleon mourns the decision he must make when Lemia is not agreeable to his plans for revenge against Althena.

Mia's Tears

by Gon

After the defeat of Ghaleon, Mia is driven to the brink of madness. A very dark sequel to Ghaleon's Tears .

Give All for..."Love"!?

by Darrell Whitney

Hardly one of this archive's more serious fics, this story follows the bumbling adventures of two underclassmen at the Magic Guild of Vane.

The Last

by Mia Sanada

When Hiro becomes the last one of Ruby's human companions to die of old age, the young dragon must learn to come to grips with her feelings.

Men Are From Mota, Women Are From Dezolis

by Ian N. Cohen

In an unofficial sequel to Just Like Old Times , Nash and Kyle talk about the women in their lives.

Ghaleon's Quest

by Bryan Peterson

The Sinistrals of the Lufia series attempt to take over Lunar and it's up to Ghaleon, Hiro, and friends to stop them.

My Hatred in Me

by Rune Lai

Ghaleon returns to the world of the living at Zophar's behest, but the will that drove him to fight Althena is no longer there.


by Bryan Peterson

This story covers the time between Lucia's leaving for the Blue Star and Hiro's joining her there. It tells of Lucia's thoughts and feelings about having to leave Hiro.

Star Tears

by Gon

Lucia dreams of an alternate Lunar in which Zophar revives during the era following SSS .

Lunar Landing

by Anon Mous

A stranger from the modern day era of planet Earth falls down from the sky and lands on Lunar. But Lunar's just a video game, right?

To The Rescue!

by Darrell Whitney

The bumbling students of the Mia Ausa Fan Club return to save their cherished idol from what surely must be the most diabolic plot ever hatched!

The Once and Future Dragonmaster

by Ian N. Cohen

The tale of the legendary Arthur and the Heroes of the Round Table. Heroes? Isn't it supposed to be Knights? Not in Alex's bedtime story...

Comrades in Arms, Volume Three: To Everything There is a Season

by Ian N. Cohen

The third of three volumes chronicling the story of the Four Heroes. Based on the timeline of Lunar: Silver Star Story .

Lunar: Destiny and Faith

by Mouko and Yuki Ryu

The machinations of a follower of Zophar are coming to fruition and Lunar may soon be in need of a Dragonmaster once more, but the Black Dragon of Althena has plans of his own, and a chosen human warrior may not factor into them at all. This fanfic is still being written.

Paradoxes: Gregory's Journal

by K'Arthur

A side story to If Love Were Only Part of the Equation , this story is a collection of journal entries by the character Gregory, revealing the details of his past for the first time. Note: This short story contains spoiler information not yet revealed in If Love Were Only Part of the Equation.

White Dragon Courage

by Mickey Gao

An aging Alex asks Nall to guard Athena's Sword for him until the day a new hero comes to claim it, but the young dragon isn't certain that he is up to the task.


by Rogue

The head librarian of the Magic Guild of Vane discovers a forgotten tome in the rubble of Vane shortly after the city crashes to the ground after Ghaleon's attack. Takes place using the Sega CD timeline.

Legacy of Justice

by Solana

Leo passes on the mask of Mystere and the story of his changing sides during the battle of Zophar to his soon-to-be knighted niece.

Lost Destiny

by Solana

Now married to Mauri for three years, Ronfar reflects over how they met, fell in love, and how Mauri changed from a loving priestess to a cruel zealot.

Pirates of the Meribian

by Darrell Whitney

Adventure on the high seas with Hell Mel, the story of the love of his life, and of course, plenty of treasure.

Fire of the Past

by Solana

It's been two years since the defeat of Zophar, and the gang is planning a reunion at the Carnival. Ronfar and Mauri are happily married, have their first child, and have put their past behind them. However, some have never forgotten Mauri's sins of the past, and will do anything to ensure that they are not repeated... or passed on.


by Soir

Alex and his friends face Ghaleon and rescue Luna in a retelling of the ending of Lunar: The Silver Star .

A Leap of Faith

by Solana

A mysterious spell has been unleashed against many citizens of Raculi. It is Ronfar and Mauri's daughter Celeste who risks a quest to find the key to save her village--and her family.

Comrades of Serak

by Solana

A devastating army of demons has launched a massacre against the citizens of Lunar, while tragedy crosses the destinies of two souls who join together to defeat them.

I Will Always Love You

by Galeros

Alex and Luna try to readjust to everyday life now that Ghaleon has been defeated.

The Greatest Enemy

by Ian N. Cohen

The storyteller Ailric weaves a story about two Meribian knights who meet their end at the hands of mankind's most dangerous enemy.

Eternal Blue

by Hirohiigo Togashi

A novelization of Lunar: Eternal Blue. The girl Lucia awakens on the Blue Star to a horrible premonition about the return of Zophar. This fanfic is still in progress.


by Ian N. Cohen

Death comes to everyone eventually, even the greatest of heroes. For some, their death comes in battle. For others...

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