Dyne No More

by Blake

<almost a week after the big battle, Dynes last battle>

The little boy was playing in his yard. He was slaying monsters, a dragonmaster. He was going to be the new one because everyone was saying the old one died. He heard something, and looking up he saw a man coming through the desert. The man was stumbling and looked hurt.

"Mommy mommy!" he said, running into the house.

The man stumbled and fell.

He woke up in a strange house. Where was he... who was he? He couldn't remember anything. He tried to move and winced. He had been hurt somehow, but someone had bandaged him.

"I see you're awake," a woman said, coming into the room.

"Who... who are you?"

"I am Eliza, my son Timothy found you. Whats your name?"

"I... I can't remember... found me? What do you mean?"

"You were hurt, probably attacked by a monster. They've been increasing lately. I found you unconscious and dehydrated."

"Then it seems I owe you my life" the nameless man said with a small smile.

He pulled off the last of the bandages, his wounds had healed well thanks to Elizas tender minstations.

"I have to go."

Eliza smiled. "Yes, you need to find out who you are, wait here a second." She went into the small house's bedroom.

He absently rubbed the beard he had growing in. He didn't have one before, but he kind of liked the way it feeled. Maybe he would keep it.

"Here." Eliza came back into the room carrying some clothes. "These belonged to my husband before he died, you'll need some fresh clothes. Are you the beret type?" she said smiling.

"I don't know what type I am, but it can't hurt to try it out."

He put on the clothes, complete with kilt and beret.

"How do I look?"

"Quite handsome actually... will you be comming back?"

"Perhaps, someday."

"Are you leaving?" Timothy asked, entering the house.

"Yes, I'm going to find out who I am."

"Well, until then you can't go around having people call you 'you'. You need a name," Eliza stated.

"I know, I know!" Timothy said, hopping up and down. "Laike! cool huh?"

He smiled. "Then Laike it will be, thank you." He started for the door.

"One more thing," Eliza walked into the bedroom and came back with a package, "take this with you."

Laike took the long, cloth-wrapped object. He pulled off the cloth. "A sword?"

"Its my husbandss scemitar... its a dangerous world."

"Thank you... thank you both" Laike turned and walked out of the house. Off to find out who he was, to find out his place in the world.

<years later>

Laike slid his sword back into its sheath. The monsters in this forest weren't too challenging, but he wasn't here for them. He had been searching for something to tell him who he was not for over a decade. Yet he was no closer to finding his idenity. Some people had told him he looks "familiar", but that was as close as he could get. His last stop had been a small town called "Burg". Burg had struck something within him, but he could say what. But now the bridge had been washed out and he couldn't return to the mainland. And of course the guy who's job to fix it lost his ax. Now where was that shack he was talking about...

"Lets try over here."

Laike turned to see a bunch of kids walk into the clearing.

"Who's that guy?" the stoud kid muttered.

"Ho ho, I'm Laike, the traveler," he replied. "You seem to be a nice buncha kids, what are you doing around here?"

"I'm on an adventure," the green eyed one spoke up.

"Yeah, just like Dyne!"

Laike noticed what appeared to be a flying cat. He'd seen lots of things in his travels and he filed that down under the "strange things" section.

"You're on an adventure like your hero Dyne huh?" He laughed. "That's rich, well then, carry on!"

The kids watched him for a second.

"You know, if you want an adventure, you'd better get of this little island, there's nothing special going on around here."

The flying cat nudged the one that seemed to be the leader.

"Doesn't he seem a little friendly for a stranger?"

"Let's just go find that ax, Nall."

Laike watched the kids head off. So they were looking for the ax too? Well, the kids deserved a little adventure, he'd leave it up to them. Then he caught a glimse of the ring the kid was wearing. That ring... there was something... he had to go somewhere... he just felt it.

Laike stood outside of a cave that seemed familiar to him. He started into it, the further he went, the more it seemed like there was "something" happening in his mind. He barely noticed the slimes and snails he had slain to get by. By the time he was standing in front of the white dragon he knew. He knew who he had been. He also knew that something was wrong... something with....

"Another visitor, and so soon too," the dragon spoke.

"I apologize, but I have to go." Laike turned and hurried out of the cave, he had to talk to Ghaleon, quickly.

"That was strange... although he did seem familiar..." Quark shrugged it off and decided to finish his nap.

The kids had found the ax and the bridge had been fixed. But by the time he reached Saith the last boat had sailed. He was forced to wait until the next day. He reached Meribia, but he couldn't stop to see his old friend Mel. As time passed, the sense that *something* was wrong kept increasing, something with Ghaleon.

He reached Vane to find that Ghaleon had just left with a young boy. Laike was surprised to find that it sounds like the same boy he had met in the forest. The boy with the ring. He knew where he would find them.

"...and now dear friend things are changing again. I'll soon rule the world, but first you have to die!"

"Ghaleon, what are you doing, no!"

Ghaleon unleshed a spell he had been preparing for the past hour, and he knew it was done.

"Now that that's taken care of, only the goddess Althena stands in my way. Soon the whole world will be mine!"

Ghaleon left the boy who would be a dragonmaster and the dying dragon behind. Once he got out of this infernal magic cave he would be able to teleport himself away. He stepped out of the cave.

"So, you've done it"

Ghaleon turned to see a stranger standing there, looking sad. And he knew.


Laike shook his head, "I haven't been Dyne for a long time now. I felt it, you killed Quark."

"Yes, I did it for you, I thought..."

"You didn't do it for me, even if I was dead, you think this is how to honor my memory? You are only using me as an exscuse, please my friend, don't go down this path."

"It's too late Dyne, my path is set and, for good or bad, I must walk it. Join me."

"No, I cannot."

"Very well, fairwell.... old friend."

Ghaleon made a negligant gesture and vanished.

Laike knew what Ghaleon planned, there was only one person know who could stop him, but she is closer than Ghaleon knows. The boy, Alex, had potential if it can be fullfilled. But Alex must go without help from him... at least for now. Laike decided to go talk to Myght, if Alex made it far enough, he would need Althena's sword.

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