by Blake

Ghaleon stepped into the cavern. This was where it had happened all those years ago... this was where Dyne had died. No... he told himself, Dyne was still alive... but this was still where it all ended... and something else started. Alex and his friends were not far behind him. He had to see if the black dragon's soul lingered, like that of the red and blue dragons... and if it could be used to his advantage. He closed his eyes and reached out with his senses... until he felt... it.

"I feel you, dragon... come to me."

Ghaleon was not surprised when a black form appeared in front of him.

Burning like cold fire, two red eyes gazing at him from it.

"What do you want of me wizard?" a cold voice asked.

"I feel it... So... even in death you maintain power."

"I repeat, what do you want of me?"

"I give you another chance to destroy," he said slightly bitterly.

"Death has healed me wizard, thanks to you and your friend I am not as I was, I simply want peace."

"So you do recognize me... but I'm afraid I can't let you have peace just yet, if you will not help me willingly I will force you."

"Leave me be."

Ghaleon ignored the dragon's order and concentrated... he had been working on a spell which would give him control of the goddess, yet he was unsure if it would work. He could test it on the dragon's spirit. He spoke some low words and locked his eyes on those burning within the black flame. The spell completed, he extended his arms, the form in front of him was surrounded by a field of energy. It began to writhe and struggle.

"Don't bother... this spell can bend a goddess's will to mine, you don't have the power to resist."

Ghaleon grit his teeth, despite his claims the dragon was putting up quite a fight, it had a strong will. But he would not be stopped, he could not be stopped. He called upon the feelings he had inside him... this was the one who took Dyne from him... this was the one. The field surrounding the dragon's spirit shined brighter as he added the power of his emotions... soon, the dragon stopped struggling.

"You will obey me."

"Yes," the answer came.

"You will destroy the poeple who come here."


Ghaleon smiled. If the dragon won, he would be rid of Alex, if Alex won, Althena would be unprotected. Whatever happened, he came out on top.

@ @ @ @

"This cave is giving me a headache," Kyle complained.

"Thinking gives you a headache," Nall retorted.

Alex shook his head and ducked as Kyle grabbed for Nall, who deftly avoided it. Anyone listening to his party would think they all hated each other.

Jessica and Mia were following in the back of the group, talking lowly about something. Jessica occasionally glancing at Kyle and Mia at Nash. Alex thought sadly about Luna, how he missed her. She had been there his whole life, now she was gone, in the hands of Ghaleon. That was why he had to become a Dragonmaster. Not only to save the world... but Luna. Saving the world was too hard to think about, such grand terms, it seems like its going to overwhelm him. Yet if he just concentrates on saving Luna, he can do it.

"Um... how about a left here?" Nash offered.

They had been in this cave for over two hours, it was certainly one of the most contorted they had been in yet. They were making progress however, soon they would reach the dragon's lair, and the armor... and then...

Alex's thoughts were broken as Nall sped by.


"Slow! I'll show... OOF!"

Kyle ran into Alex, knocking them both to the ground while Nall hovered over them and stuck out his tounge.

"Err... sorry about that..." Kyle offered and he stood.

Alex got to his feet.

"We've got a job to do here guys! Nall, apoligize to Kyle so we can get on with this."

"Apologize? To him ?"

"Why you little fluffball..."

"I said apologize!"

Nall hung his head.

"Mmmm srrr" he muttered.

"Call that an apology?"

"Kyle... take it and let's go."

Kyle muttered to himself and they continued on, the girls laughing at the boys. Half an hour later, they entered a large chamber, they looked around.

There were pillars and the ground was littered with bones.

"This must be the black dragons lair," Nall said, stating the obvious.

Jessica looked around.

"Something's not right here..."

Mia wrapped her arms around herself.

"I feel it too..."

"What is it?" Alex turned to look at them, when Nall yelled out.

"Alex, look!"

Alex spun around... and didn't believe his eyes. The bones were moving... not just moving, but lifting up. They began to arrange themselves into a definite shape... a glow formed within an empty ribcage. A skull attached itself to a long neck, a malevolent red glow appearing in the empty sockets and turning to look at the party. It could only be one thing.

"The black dragon..." Alex whispered.

A voice spoke from the form, the jaws did not move.

"I hold enough power to recreate my form, and I use it to destroy you."

"Awww great," Kyle said. "Everythings always out to kill us."

"Um... I'll leave this to you guys" Nall moved out of danger's way as usual.

Alex drew his sword... Dyne's sword. This creature had taken all Dyne and Ghaleon's power to stop the last time... could he and his friends handle it?

This was the very sword used against it last time... and with it he would win... they had to... for Luna.

"Let's go everyone, Kyle, take the left, Mia, Nash, get back and prepare some spells, Jessica..."

"I know I know, keep you all alive" she said as she began a protection spell.

Kyle ran forward and slashed, his sword rang agains one of the dragon's leg bones, doing no apparent harm. The dragon let out a roar and his tail whipped around, catching Kyle in the chest and knocking him down. Nash and Mia looked at each other and nodded. Mia pointed a finger at the dragon's form while Nash concentrated on his own spell.

"Bye bye air!" Mia yelled.

There was a sucking sound as all the air around the dragon vanished. The dragon turned his gaze towards Mia... and laughed.

"I don't need air any longer."

"Then try this on for size... Thunder shot!"

Nash send a bolt of lighting into the dragon, causing as much effect as Mia's spell.

"You humans don't seem to understand... you can't kill that which is not alive."

The dragon walked towards them, Kyle skittered backwards out of the way on his rear to avoid getting stepped on. Nall bit back a comment about that... now wasn't the time.

Alex ran towards the dragon, throwing himself to the side to avoid a slashing claw. Running to the rear of the dragon he raised his sword and swung downward with all his might at its tail, not at a bone, but the space where the bones met. His sword went through, the dragon's tail came off.

"All right Alex!" Kyle cheered, once again in his feet.

"Kyle... don't celebrate too soon... look"

Alex stepped back as the tail lifted and reatacted itself, once again held by whatever was keeping the bones together. The dragon continued to attack them, its hits devastating, while the group could do no damage to it.

Jessica was beginning to look worn from her healing and protection efforts.

Mia and Nash had almost exhausted thier spell supply and Kyle was just hacking away uselessly. Alex gripped his sword... there had to be some way... but it was all bone, there was nothing to harm. Wait, it wasn't all bone, that glow in its chest, perhaps...

"Kyle, Mia, Nash, Jessica... distract it!"

Alex ran towards the dragon. Nash and Mia threw a few more spells at it, Kyle just attacked, while Nall buzzed around its head in an annoying manner. Alex leaped and hoped this would work, he jammed his sword forward, between two ribs and into the energy there. He was thrown backwards and hit the ground hard, his hands empty. The dragon let out a roar, the sword still sticking into the ball of energy in its chest, electricity crackling though it and its whole form. The sword was more than metal, it had magic in it, it disrupted the flow of power the glow faded, the eye socked went black and the bones fall to the floor in pieces. Alex stood shakily.

"We did it!" Nall declared.

"WE?! What did YOU do?"

"Nall, Kyle, quit arguing," Jessica hurried over to Alex. "Are you alright?"

Alex nodded and stepped forward, picking up his sword from the pile. A clapping filled the cavern.

"VERY impressive Alex" Ghaleon's voice echoed. "You just killed the only remaining means of becoming a dragonmaster. You making this WAY to easy, now the goddess is COMPLETELY unprotected, she's MINE to control, the world is my oyster, AH HA HA HA HA!"

"Ghaleon!" Alex called. "Face us!" But he got no responce.

"Well done."

"Who's there?"

The form of the black dragon's spirit appeared over its vanquished body.

"I am the black dragon, you have freed me from Ghaleon's control, but this battle has weakened me greatly... I cannot hold on any longer. I sense you are to become the next Dragonmaster. To you I give my power. Use it wisely and save our world. I have been here for too long already... I can finally rest."

The form faded out, leaving only its words to be considered. Alex walked into the next chamber, finding one similar to the ones in the other dragons' caves. Climbing the stairs he reached out and touched the crystal floating here. The chamber was filled with a light, and Alex was holding the black dragon's armor. Nall landed on Alex's shoulder.

"I feel kinda bad about having to kill the black dragon again Alex. It seems he was just a victim to Ghaleon and no longer insane."

"I don't know Nall... I think he's finally found peace."

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