Author's note: This short story is an attempt to explain Ghaleon's trip to hell and what made him seek out Zophar. And this is the first story I've actually finished.

Hell Hath No Fury

by Demos

Ghaleon awoke and looked about himself, seeing nothing but flames, darkness, and hatred all about him. The last thing he remembered was morphing into a demonic form and a sword strike from Dragonmaster Alex. Then all was black, but only for a moment. He still wore the armor of the Magic Emperor.

"Wha, what happened to me?" He then realized that that blackness had been death. "I remember, I became the Magic Emperor and took complete control of the goddess."

"Yes Ghaleon, you had control of me, until Alex came to me." Althena's voice seemed more beautiful in this dark fire then it had ever seemed in life.

Ghaleon looked about his personal hell, trying to spot Althena. "Show yourself goddess." Hatred no longer burned in his eyes. "Please forgive me for what I've done."

"I can't forgive you Ghaleon, you've done too much damage to Lunar. Maybe someday I'll be able to forgive your sins and will let you out of this torturous place." Her voice faded out of existence as she said this.

"You could have at least told me Dyne was alive. It's because of you I did what I did." Tears welled in his eyes. "It's because I thought you took Dyne from us that I tried to destroy Lunar. He was my only true friend."

Silence was all that answered him. He sat, partially crying, hatred of the goddess once again building in him. Then he remembered the story of the Blue Star's destruction. Remembering the name of it's destroyer he called out into the void. "ZOPHAR!!!"

A dark cloud moved from the flames torwards him. "Who summoned me!?" The cloud began taking a somewhat human form.

"I, Ghaleon, have summoned you. Together we can destroy Lunar and the Blue Star, only to remake it in our image. Of course, you'll have to return me to my body on Lunar, so that I may be of some help." Ghaleon secretly smiled to himself.

Zophar looked over the fallen Magic Emperor. "You have a point, and I will need a pawn on the world till I become strong enough to return. Very well, I will return you when I am about to attack Lunar." Zophar turned from Ghaleon and slowly faded away.

Ghaleon watched as Zophar disappeared his smile growing. "Now I can atone for my deeds. Perhaps the goddess will even forgive me if I help destroy Zophar, permanently. Perhaps I can even get out of Hell." He sat down and awaited to be returned to Lunar. "Soon Althena, I will more than make up for my sins, very soon." He looked around and began to laugh.

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