We were on Myght's towertop. It... it had come time to reveal the truth; I had been sided with Ghaleon, or what he now calls himself, the Magic Emperor, the WHOLE time.

I'm Nash. At the time I was a third year apprentice... or USED to be, to Gheleon, the used-to-be-premier of the Magic Guild of Vane. I'm sure you've heard of it. Vane is the Magical Floating City that hovers around the goddess tower,endlessly protecting it.

Since the beginning, I had been reporting Alex's progress,and locations of wonderfull singers (to find Althena) to Ghaleon, or even sometimes Royce. I swore that I'd help them get Luna and the other singers back no matter what it took, because it was partially my fault since I had reported to Ghaleon that Luna was one of the best singers I'd heard so far. That's when he probably knew she was "the one",as he called her. That's all I told my four friends.

But that's only the half of it.

I had still, even to this point, been reporting to Ghaleon. I had been given orders to destroy the only hope Alex had of getting to the Frontier: the airship.

As I was standing there, Alex walked up to me.

"Face it Alex.... even our combined strength isn't enough to match Ghaleon's power," I said as I stood there, thinking about what I was about to do, "It doesn't matter whether or not you're the Drogonmaster. Nothing matters now..."

"Nash?" asked Alex with a both astonished and concerned face. I had a feeling he was about to say more, but Myght interupted with a rather important announcement. Everybody gathered around Myght. I went over to stand by Mia.

"My work is done!" said Myght with a rather pleased look on his face.

"Excellent!" exclaimed Kyle, "Let's go thrash ourselves on Magic Emperor! If we hurry, we can probably be home in time for dinner!"

"Don't get to cocky, Kyle!" scolded Jessica, "We're going to be fighting Ghaleon AND the Vile Tribe on their home turf!"

"It doesn't matter where we fight him, Jessica!" said Nall cheerfully. "We're going to win!"

They all and such hope. Such confidence. And I was about to shatter it all.

"Sigh..." I stood there with guilt flowing through my body,when Mia broke my thought.

"Nash,what's wrong?" she said with a concerned look on her face, "I can tell something is troubling you..." Her gentle look made me want to turn back. But I couldn't. They would kill me...

And the rest... they didn't stand a chance against an opponent like Ghaleon, I thought. Mia... Alex... Jesica... Kyle... Nall... they would all be killed. I am making the right choice. I mustn't let them reach the Frontier. I won't let them throw their lives away.

"We're going to fight Ghaleon..." I said, and then,I took a step back, and almost broke into fake laughter. "We're going to fight Ghaleon?! Ha, ha, ha! I've never heard anything so absurd in my life!"

"Nash!" Mia cried with a tone and look of both dissappointment and shock.

"You've all seen Ghaleon's power, and you're deluding yourselves if you think you can beat him! If you travel to the Frontier, you're all going to die! Don't any of you understand that?!"

Mia approuched me with the same look on her face. "Nash,why are you saying this? What's wrong with you? What-"

"Ghaleon knows everything, Mia," I confessed, "I've been reporting to him since the beginning..."

And then the threats came.

"I'm gonna tear you to shreads, you two-faced, whiny little runt!" exclaimed Kyle.

I didn't care about what he said.

I won't let them get to the Frontier! I thought.

"I'm not letting you go to the Frontier, Mia!" I yelled. "I won't let you throw your life away!"

After mumbling a few words, I struck the airship with a thunderbolt. A large gap was made in the hull of the airship: I had hit my mark. That's where the engine was.

As if on cue, Royce appeared to congratulate me.

Congradulate my ass.

Yeah, that's the last thing I need, I thought, congratulating. My friends gave me their trust. And now with one simple action,I have thrown it away.

I tried to shake away the thought.

No! They'll die if I don't! It's for their own good!

"Ha, ha, ha!" Royce laughed, "Well done, Nash! Very well done!"

I had no other choice. It WAS the right decision.

"I only have one question: Which one of you wants to bleed first?!" threatened Kyle.

This is one of the more awkward situations I've gotten into, eh?

"I'll never forgive you for this, Nash!" cried Jessica. "NEVER!"

"You have only yourselves to blame!" said Royce cutting in, "You're prisoners of foolish ambition!"

"This can't... can't be happening..." said Mia in total disbilief.

That just made my guilt level hit the ceiling. And since there was no ceiling (we were on a rooftop, duh), the guilt never ceased. I felt awful. Terrible even.

"I... I'm sorry Mia..." I apolgized. I truely was sorry. But I couldn't turn back now. They would never forgive me. Never.

That's just what Jessica said, I thought, never...

"Touching, but unnecessary, Nash." said Royce. "You made the only rational choice."

Then Royce teleported us to Ruid.

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