Magical Weapon Nash

I had reported to Ghaleon, and went to think in my room.

Had I been... insane to do such a thing?! No! Now Mia can't get to Ghaleon and Ruid... she's safe.

But I knew Alex and the rest would find a way to fix the airship. I just knew it.

I was right.

I had been sitting there for hours,thinking.

Just then, a messenger (it was a member of the Vile Tribe) opened the door.

"You!" he said (how rude!). "The Magic Emperor wants to have a word with you! So put your rear in gear and get down there,kid!"

I would have beat the daylights out of him if not for the fact that the outcome would be me getting in deep s*** whith Xenobia and the rest of the Vile Tribe for killing him (he would be no match for my powerful magic!).

"All right, all right!" I said, very annoyed. "I'm going!"

I walked into Ghal... er "The Magic Emperor"'s throne room.

"Very good work Nash," he said, his voice sounding different because of the helmet (I thought it looked extremely... ummm... different...)

"You suceeded in your task. I would expect no more from an apprentice of my teaching... but unfortunately, it seems that dragonboy and his friends have found a way to the Frontier nonetheless."

"So I have heard..." I replied. "They're somewhere in Ruid as we speak..."

"And that's where you come in Nash," he said. "Where I come in"? What was he talking about? And then I knew.


"I want you to stop them," he continued. "That inventor, Taben, would like to try a new invention with you."

"What... kind of invention?" I asked,not exactly being the kind of person who would like to be someone's ginuea pig.

"He calls it the 'Mobile Magic Masher'," he explained.

"'Mobile Magic Masher'...?" I repeated. That's something you don't hear every day.

"Yes..." he said, and then... "TABEN!!" he boomed so load, I jumped an inch.

"Yes, Magic Emperor?" said the inventor, Taben. Taben was basicly an old hermit, since he hunched over and had a rather large beard that extended about all the way down to his feet. He had small spectacles that slid down to almost the tip of his nose. He wore a purple robe and held a wooden staff.

"Direct Nash to your new invention," Ghaleon told Taben.

"Yes,Magic Emperor!" replied Taben. "Of course!" He looked at me. "Come this way,boy."

I REALLY hate people who call me boy.

We had been walking down the halls of the upper part of Ruid that cannot be accessed by anyone but Ghaleon, Taben, the three sisters (Xenobia, Royce, and Phacia), important Vile Tribe members, and me. Then I opened my mouth and asked Taben, "So,what does this... 'Mobile Magic Masher' do?"

"Hmmm?" he asked. "Ah yes.It is basicly a piece of armor that strenghthens the wearer's magical power." I gussed the wearer was going to be me. But I had NO idea of what it was going to look like. I thought it would look AT LEAST a LITTLE like a regular piece of armor, but no.

"Behold!" said the rather proud Taben. "The Mobile Magic Masher!"

"Ummmm..." I said unsurely, "It... kinda looks like a... uh... giant chicken..." I almost burst out whith laghter after those words, but Taben wasn't too amused.

"Do not underestimate it's powers, BOY!" he snapped back. (I then felt the urge to beat the crap out him, but managed to calm myself.) "You just see! Appearance isn't everything! Just try it!"

I haven't the slighest idea how long it took to get that thing on, but I managed, with my pride slowly disinigrating, especially with all the Vile Tribesmen walking by (mostly important messangers), I felt like a total dork.

I bet that's how the others think of me now... I was doubting myself yet again (I seem to be doing that quite often, haven't I?). But my choice WAS for the best. It had to be.

After I finally got it on after several man (or fiend, whatever the Vile Tribe was) hours, I was... erm... ready for what lay ahead. But not mentally ready.

The Mobile Magic Masher Armor DID look like the body of a chicken.

I swear, if there's something more humilliating that this, I DON'T want to know about it!

The armor was (like most chickens) yellow for the most part, and the full height was about seven feet. Me being about 5'7" last time I checked, it made me two feet and four inches taller.

At the near top, my head peeked out of a hole just big enough for my head. The shoulder plates were red and had rather large spikes sticking out, and the gloves and cape were red also.

The staff was just as ridiculous as the rest of the armor. It was a long rod about Mia's height, with a circular ummm... thing on the to with reddish-pink dots around it, blinking. I'm not good with imaging, all right? Even if I did wear the thing, it's REALLY hard to describe.

And then there were the shoes.They made me look like an elf,I'll leave it at that.

Lastly,there was the motif on the front,wich wasn't much of a motif. More like a giant "B".

But the only good thing about it was that it DEFINATELY streghthened my magical powers! I could feel magical energy surging through me (almost literally surging, for my main element of magic is lightning)! But power! Such power! Such energy! I had never felt anything like this in my life!

"This... feeling... this power!" I stuttered out exitedly. "It's incradible! Amazing!"

"I told you,boy!" strutted Taben (he was sounding like me!) "Behold its power! But back to the buisness at hand. The Magic Emporor and I have suited you with this magical armor for a purpose and one purpose only."

"What's that?" I asked.

"To bring the Dragonmaster and his friends back to the Magic Emporor... alive."

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