Dark Emperor

by Reverend Love

The Magic Emperor sat upon his throne of cold iron and struggled with his spells of control over Althena. Having sway over the goddess was temporary at best. For it was not easy to subvert the will of a god. Ghaleon knew he had to find a way to destroy the goddess, not just control her. However that was to be dealt with at a later time. The subject of Alex and his associates was at the forefront of the magic emperor's agendas. The young boy had in fact attained his dream, a Dragonmaster. That made him dangerous and even worse, determined. Yes, he had ignored the boy for far to long. The time was at hand for Alex's destruction.

He watched atop his balcony as the rag-tag group neared the Grindery. He smiled. They actually thought they could defeat him. He felt her presence before she spoke.

"Ghaleon, what shall we do now?" questioned Xenobia.

"Watch and wait," said the emperor as he turned to face her.

"Watch and wait, what kind of plan is that?"

"The kind that works," Ghaleon said finishing it with a smirk hidden by his helmet.

"At least let me send fiends to attempt their destruction," she pleaded.

"No, the fiends will continue their guarding of the palace," said Ghaleon.

"I cannot help but question your so called strategy," she said, an open challenge.

"I'm sorry to hear that, but for now please leave me to further develop my so called strategy," replied Magic Emperor. He then dismissed the demon sorceress with a wave of his hand.

"As you wish," she said while shimmering into nothingness.

Ghaleon turned again to gaze upon the heroes foolishly continuing their death march. Xenobia must be dealt with and Alex and friends were going to help him.

The lagoon goons reported to their Emperor of the defeat of the fire elementals. With a gesture he dismissed the goons to their posts. "Aaah, a true Dragonmaster he is," Ghaleon thought. With the defeat of his elementals they had indeed proved the tool he so required. They had also brought his indestructible fortress to a standstill. That was a mere complication easily dealt with at a later time. However solving the problem of Xenobia was at hand. Ghaleon sent a servant to summon her. Shortly afterwards she teleported in front of him.

"Yes, my emperor?" she inquired. "You were right Xenobia, I should have ordered their destruction before they had a chance to stop the Grindery." Xenobia began to grin. "Also as Alex further progresses through the Grindery, Althena's will grows stronger," said Ghaleon. "She is beginning to break the spells I have placed over her." After finishing Ghaleon rose. "I need you to destroy them, while I replace and strengthen my hold upon the Goddess."

"Ha, ha easily done," replied a confident Xenobia.

"Do not allow them the use of the teleporter, for if they reach my chamber the magic will be spoiled." If Ghaleon had not been wearing his helmet Xenobia would have questioned the cat like grin he wore upon his face.

Now with that finished, the Magic Emperor made his way across the chamber to where a piece of dull steel hung. After mumbling a few inaudible words a smoky picture of Alex and friends appeared. They had just crested the last of the Grindery's stairs and were fighting a horde of lagoon goons. Ghaleon lost himself in their fighting, remembering old times with old friends. Later on he cursed himself for such thoughts and walked to his throne of iron to wait.

The two arch-fiends reported the death of Xenobia through haggard breath. "This is a terrible loss, I shall avenge her death," he replied with a voice full of mockery. The two fiends, knowing best not to question the Emperor, bowed their heads in permission to leave. Ghaleon waved them off and began to laugh. He had just finished laughing as the door to his chamber opened and a glance of a familiar sword caught his eye.

He did not notice them talking, only recognizing it as babble. For he could not take his eye's off Alex's sword. How he hated the sword and everything it stood for. He would not only kill Alex and his pathetic friends he would destroy their souls as well. Then with Althena's last protectors gone she would be totally vulnerable to his power. The dawning of a new age was beginning with Ghaleon at the helm and nothing not even a Dragonmaster was going to stop him. With that thought leaving his mind the Magic Emperor rose and addressed the walking dead. "So, little Alex became a Dragonmaster, how endearing. You've come to fight for the soul your dear Luna but you're too late, I'm already in control of the goddess. Face it you don't stand a chance dragon boy."

The fight that ensued was one the Magic Emperor was not prepared for. He knew they possessed power but not on the level they combated him with. After Alex burned part of his soul with Holy Light, Kyle seemed to attack him from all sides, Nash stunned him a powerful lightening and Mia threw countless spells at him. Jessica was healing them faster then he could cause damage. He was losing and he knew it. He eventually succumbed to their relentless magical battery. A dull thump was made as he fell to the floor. Blood was pouring out of many wounds and his breath was short. He was slowly dying as they made their way to find Luna...

After he heard the door shut he rose to his feet. The wounds administered to him healed completely. All except for the ones made by Alex's Holy Light. He now knew where the destructive power of the spell stuck at. It had all worked out to plan. He could destroy all of Lunar's guardians now that the Dragon Angels had made their way to his Grindery as well. He walked to the door and removed his helmet. He wanted to see ALL the fear in their eyes. He opened the door.

As the door swung open Ghaleon saw the Dragon Angels speaking to Alex. He could feel the surging magical powers as they were about to break the seals that he had placed upon Althena. With a wave of his right hand he sent two balls of energy screaming towards the Dragon Angels. He had created the spell just for them and was delighted with the results. As expected the heroes were shocked. Their fear was exquisite. Now it was their turn.

As Ghaleon began to cast his next spell, he realized that a distraction was needed. For if Nash, or Mia recognized the unholy symbols his hands were making they would surely warn the others, and for his plan to work he needed surprise. He began talking of their death and destruction when a he felt pain at his eyes. He was unaware of the side effects of the spell for this was his first time casting it. Right when he felt a scream growing in his throat a thick blue substance started oozing from his eyes. The transformation was unbearable yet necessary. He curled over as waves of pain crashed into his body. Then just as quickly it was over. Ghaleon stood up now a towering visage of hate coupled with power. The spell had drawn out Ghaleon's soul to the surface, twisting and molding his body into his true likeliness. It had also allowed his body to become a catalyst for his spells increasing his power tenfold. With a roar born of years of rage and agony the Magic Emperor rushed to destroy his opposition.

A sword powered by Ghaleon's hate appeared in his left hand. With this sword he delivered a crushing blow to Nash sending him sprawling across the floor. He then vanished and reappeared behind Mia. She was caught off guard and received the full effects of the attack. Mia slumped to the ground, blood gushing from a deep wound across her back. Alex called down Holy Light which only seemed to enrage the already berserk emperor. Kyle dashed across the room slashing at Ghaleon. Before Jessica could heal the wounded, Ghaleon raised his right hand to the sky calling forth, terrible lightning, even further wounding Nash and striking the limp body of Mia. The spell Jessica had been casting went off right after the light in Mia's eyes vanished. Ghaleon began to laugh. Nash weekly rose and saw the lifeless body of his love. With a cry of anguish he called down his strongest lightning spell, blinding everyone as it struck Ghaleon. Though they could not see the Magic Emperor they could hear him... He was still laughing. Again Alex summoned Holy Light and again Ghaleon withstood its affects. Kyle was about to strike the Magic Emperor but he disappeared. Reappearing in front of Jessica, his sword pulsing with an unholy power as he struck Jessica. Ghaleon swung his hands to the side and roared into the air. The earth moaned as rocks and boulders burst up beneath the heroes. Jessica began to chant a powerful healing spell as Nash again struck Ghaleon with his strongest lightning spell. Alex yelled as he struck the Magic Emperor with his sword. The blow caused very little damage and caused Alex to begin to doubt himself. Kyle using his blade magic struck at all sides of Ghaleon causing him to reel. Ghaleon raised his right hand to the sky and instead of lightning, fire raced across the heroes. Jessica fell to the floor just before Ghaleon inflicted a terrible slash wound upon Nash. Both Nash and Jessica's eyes locked right before their deaths. Alex and Kyle were the only two left in his way. Alex called down Holy Light as Kyle slashed at the Magic Emperor. The attacks hurt but did not destroy him. The emperor dealt Kyle a vicious blow that knocked him off his feet. Before Kyle could stand, the Magic Emperor appeared over him and stabbed his sword downwards impaling Kyle in the chest. Now only Alex was left, and for the dragon boy he had a surprise. The Dragonmaster was running towards him as Ghaleon cast his by far most deadly spell. The Magic Emperor slightly raised his left hand and the boy feel at his feet with dead eyes staring dumbly up . For Ghaleon had cast his powerful Amnesia spell, one that by distorting time and space destroyed its victims mind's. Ghaleon raised his sword high in mock salute and would have ended the boy's life if Nall had not feebly attacked . The Magic Emperor merely laughed at the young dragon and flung him aside. Instead of raising his sword this time Ghaleon raised his right hand calling forth lightning to strike both Alex and Nall. The blow killed Alex and mortally wounded Nall. The young dragon tried to crawl to his lifelong companion but died a few feet short. The Magic Emperor might have felt pity for the dragon if he had been watching. However Ghaleon was climbing the stairs that led to the goddess.

Halfway through the battle Althena had broken the magical spells binding her to Ghaleon's command. She had witnessed the death of the last of her protectors and love. She watched as the Magic Emperor slowly climbed the stairs, with each step reverting back to his former self. By reaching the top the transformation was complete. When he stopped and looked at her the only question she could ask was "Why?" He answered by summoning a huge shaft of ice impaling the goddess and knocking her to ground. The goddess slowly died in her mortal form. All the while Ghaleon stood over her watching. When the last of her soul and essence vanished, Ghaleon ruler of Lunar raised his hands and shouted in triumph. The sky darkened, the earth quaked, the sea raged, and the volcanoes erupted. All in salute to the new god emperor of Lunar.

That night Lunar was destroyed and remade in Ghaleon's image. All life was purged from the planet. For Ghaleon wanted no vestiges of the former world. Once was ocean became desert, once was fertile soil became barren wasteland, once was love became hate. The people which arose from the newly formed world worshipped Ghaleon as their dark god. A hard and spiteful people that valued only power and the riches it brought. However not all the people were hateful and worshipped the dark god. Some believed in love and compassion. Those that did also believed in a Legend, that foretold of the dark god's defeat... they're still waiting for the legend to come true.

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