by Bryan Peterson

As Lucia lay in her sleep crystal, her mind did not fall asleep. She lay thinking of Hiro. How she wished she could have stayed with him. She wished she could have helped him better understand that she had not left in order to hurt him, but because she felt the Blue star needed her. She sighed. If only he were here now. She had come to realize that being with someone was far more enriching than being alone, and now she was wishing she could return to Lunar and live with Hiro, or that she could bring him with her. She sighed again. She could have done so, of course. The problem was that she hadn't wanted to take him away from his other friends.

Lucia drifted off into an uneasy sleep in which Zophar's voice seemed to taunt her.

"You could have had him with you," it said, "but your pride kept you from accepting him. Now you know how he's feeling now. You left him!"

"That is not true!" Lucia cried. "I didn't want to leave him!"

"Damn!" Zophar said, and his presence faded. It was replaced by that of Ghaleon.

"Why did you leave him?" he asked, but the arrogant tone was gone. In fact, there was something almost like sadness or sympathy in his voice.

"You two could have been very happy."

"I must care for the Blue Star," Lucia said. "It needs me."

"That world is desolate and in no more danger now than Lunar is. You can safely leave the Blue Star."

"But Hiro," Lucia said sadly. "He might not forgive me."

"Nonsense!" Ghaleon said. "True, your departure did hurt him, but he loves you too much to be angry. In fact I'd be surprised if he didn't manage to win his way to the Blue Star. If he does, don't pass up an opportunity to be happy by chewing him out."

"Chewing him out?" Lucia asked.

"Don't reprimand him for risking his life for you," Ghaleon said.

Ghaleon's voice faded and Lucia was left with much to ponder. Could Hiro even now be trying to find his way to her? Far from wanting to reprimand him, Lucia admired such determination. She made up her mind that if Hiro did come to her she would return with him to Lunar.

Lucia must not have truly believed that Hiro would come for her, because the knocking on her crystal that awoke her came as a surprise. Lucia slowly opened her eyes. At first she couldn't believe it. But there could be no doubt. It was Hiro.

"Hiro!" Lucia cried with joy. She opened the crystal and scrambled out of it to embrace her love.

"I've come for you," Hiro said.

"I know," Lucia said, "and I will return with you to Lunar. This place is quite unfit for anyone, even goddesses."

"Let's go then," Hiro said. They left the Blue Star, returning to Lunar to seek a new life together.

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