The Dragonmaster

by Kevin Phelps

In the early days of life on Lunar, many evil forces lurked, and the Goddess Althena was constantly under threat. The four dragons provided adequate protection, but all knew that someday more defense would be needed, a powerful human that had the strength of ten men, and the magic ability of all four dragons, a Dragonmaster.

Each dragon took one scale from their body, and used their magic to forge it into a piece of armor, all except for the White Dragon, who took the tip of each wing, and created a flying device. The dragons and Althena combined their magic and put it into the only sword brought from the Blue Star. The idea of a "Dragonmaster" was not announced to the people of Lunar, for the Dragon Tribe knew that destiny would bring this warrior to them.

A century and a half later, in the small village of Reza, a boy, the age of fourteen, sat writing his name in the dirt with a scimitar that he had stolen from an old man the week before. This boy had strange, green eyes, which was, and still is, unusual. He was deemed a "freak", and abandoned by his parents at a young age. His only friend was a middle-aged blind man, who unfortunately, died three days before.

The boy was sick of life. He got up and looked at the village that had caused him so much pain. "Good riddens," he said with a grim tone.

He slid the scimitar through a slot in his belt, looked around, and headed west.

The tired boy came upon a gigantic lake. The wind was fierce, and the water was all but calm. He climbed to the top of the largest rock he could find. For the first time in his life, after all the pain, all the suffering, all the neglect, a tear trickled down his cheek. Then he jumped.

He awoke to find himself on a beach, at the base of a large mountain. He was alive, and angry because of it, but somehow, thankful. The boy's blind friend had taught him much about geology, and just by feeling the heat from this mountain, the boy could tell that within fifty years, it would be a massive volcano.

He longed to see the inside of this marvel, to see what was going on, and just as he thought this, his eye caught a glimpse of a hole, an entrance to a cave, which led right into the mountain! Of course he went in, not thinking at all about his safety.

Further down the cave he went, his curiosity growing more and more with each step he took. The spells he had learned over the years were very helpful, as was his scimitar.

Finally, he came upon a large room, it was very dark. His torch had gone out just before he entered the room. He was about to relight it, when he heard a snort. Suddenly, two glowing eyes appeared out of the darkness. Then a strange spell was heard, and the room illuminated, revealing a monsterous creature.


The boy stared for a moment, then finally managed to utter the words, "Who are you?"

"I am Koruhn, the Red Dragon, and who may I ask, are you?"

The boy straightened, " I am Iluk of Reza!"

"Have you come in search of wisdom, or wealth?"

"Neither," the boy declared,"I stumbled upon your lair by accident."

"Hmm, you must be very strong. Yes, I can feel the power in you. Wait! Those eyes! I have never seen ones such as those!"

"I know, I'm a freak."

"On the contrary, you are the one we have been waiting for, I am sure of it. Here, take this, it is the Red Dragon Shield. You are the first human to touch this."

"Why are you giving this to me?"Iluk asked.

"All your questions will be answered in time. For now though, seek out the other three dragons. Here is my magic."

Koruhn said a strange phrase to Iluk, and immediately, the boy learned the magic of the Red Dragon. Then the massive creature looked at the boy's scimitar, and closed his eyes. Iluk was shocked at the sight of his sword glowing, then, it returned to normal.

"Now go young Iluk, the rest of the Dragon Tribe, and the Goddess, await you. Here, I will help..."

The next thing he knew, Iluk was standing in Reza, holding his new sheild. The boy looked down and saw the faint remnants of his name in the dirt. He remembered how sad he was when he wrote it, and it was the he realized how good it felt to be wanted for something, even if he didn't know what. This is why he decided to set out on the quest that the Red Dragon had given him.

Iluk went from village to village, meeting new people, and following new leads. It was rare that he came upon a village where someone didn't stop to stare at his green eyes, or his strange, yet elegant shield. He found several clues, and in just under a year, he had met both the Blue, and Black Dragons, gaining their magics, and receiving the Blue Dragon Helmet, and the Black Dragon Armor.

Now Iluk only had to find the White Dragon, but he had searched everywhere on the continent, and only three dragons were found. The White Dragon had to be somewhere off the continent, somewhere unknown.

The boy noticed that his scimitar seemed to be getting stronger and stronger, and by the time he reached the thriving young port town of Meribia, the "Dark Scimitar", as he now called it, could kill some monsters with a single blow.

Meribia was a great town, new buildings, dozens of merchants, and friendly people. On the west side of town was Black Rose Street. This place of magic intrigued Iluk. The street was recently given to Meribia as a gift from the city of Vane. The boy had traveled all over this vast land, and he had never been to such a place. He was shocked to find that the city of Vane floated in the sky! Iluk remembered seeing such a thing, but he had been traveling in blistering heat for days, and at the time he thought he was just hallucinating. When he asked how to get to this magic city, he was disappointed to learn that only those who know transfer magic could get there, for the fountain of transmisson was currently being constructed.

Iluk longed to see Vane, but at the moment, he had to find the White Dragon. He had just enough money to purchase a small boat from a ship dealer who had just opened a business in Meribia.

The young adventurer began exploring the sea, and within five months, he came upon a small island. It didn't take long to find the cave, for there were few monsters on this new land. After journeying down the cave, he came upon the lair of the White Dragon.

"You must be Iluk, Koruhn has told me much about you," the loud voice boomed.

"That I am. It is a pleasure to finally meet you."

"The feeling is more than mutual. My name is Caldor, and obviously, you have found my island. As a reward, I give to you my magic, and these, the White Dragon Wings. They will fly you to any place you have been before, as swiftly as a dragon."

"Now my quest is finally over," Iluk said with a bit of excitement, and pride.

"Heh heh, you are ahead of yourself. You still have one more task to accomplish. You must go to Althena's Tower, and gain her approval, if you are to be the first Dragonmaster."


"It is your destiny."

"But what is it?" Iluk asked.

"Controller of the four dragons, servant and protector of the Goddess Althena, and you Iluk, have been chosen to do these things."

Pride flowed through the boy. All his life he had been treated like a rat, but now he was important, quite possibly the most important person inb the world. It was a feeling that had been gradually growing stronger throughout this journey.

"I guess I should go now," he said as he started to walk away.

"Iluk wait," the mighty dragon said."I've grown old. I feel my time on the world is nearing it's end. When I am gone, another White Dragon must take my place. I would like for you to meet my son."

"Hello, I'm Quark!" a spritely voice said out of nowhere.

Iluk turned around, and sitting before him was a miniature dragon, about the size of a small horse.

"Are you really going to be the Dragonmaster? That's a very admirable position!" Quark exclaimed.

"So I've heard," Iluk replied laughing.

"Iluk," Caldor spoke,"please take Quark with you. I have no doubt he can aid you in your mission."

"Very well," Iluk said, and he was off, with Quark close behind.

Using the White Dragon Wings, the two flew to Meribia. "Now where is this Goddess Tower?" Iluk muttered to himself.

"Follow me," Quark said, and began walking.

After a day of traveling, they came upon the steepest, tallest mountain that either of them had ever seen.

"How do we get up there?" Iluk asked.

"Hop on," Quark replied, signaling to his back.

Iluk did as he was told, and up they went. Iluk looked to his left, and there it was, Vane. It was more beautiful than he ever imagined. He was so engrossed in Vane, that he didn't even realize that Quark had landed. He thought Vane was the most beautiful thing on Lunar. Then he turned around. Iluk was awe struck. It was so perfect, so flawless. He knew immediately that he was at the tower of the Goddess Althena.

"I have to stay out here," Quark said.

"I understand," the adventurer replied, and through the gates he walked.

Floor after floor he climbed, until finally, he reached the top. That's when he saw her, the Goddess.

Then she spoke, "Iluk, you are the first human to gaze upon me in a long time, your quest to be Dragonmaster is almost over, but to gain my approval, you must fight the Dragon Angels. They are the souls of the Green and Yellow Dragons, members of the Dragon Tribe who died during the wars on the Blue Star."

The Dragon Angels suddenly appeared before Iluk. The Dark Scimitar, which had helped him throughout his entire journey, proved worthless against them. He had to depend solely on the magic of the four dragons to defeat them, and defeat them he did.

"Excellent! You defeated the Dragon Angels, just as you should have!" Althena clapped. "You have proven yourself worthy. Come forward and become your destiny, Dragonmaster Iluk!"

Iluk put down the Dark Scimitar, and accepted Althena's magic, and Althena's Sword. It was gorgeous. Light radiated from it's perfect blade. For the second time in his life, Iluk of Reza, shed a tear.

Iluk served wonderfully as Dragonmaster, always helping the world, and the Goddess, when in need. Five years after Iluk recieved Althena's Sword, Caldor died, and Quark took his place in the Dragon Tribe. On his last journey, Dragonmaster Iluk placed each of the Dragon Items back in their respective cave, and gave Althena's Sword back to the Goddess. He hid the Dark Scimitar, and told no one of it's whereabouts. There have been reports of its finding, but none have been proven. After the Dragonmaster's death, a village was founded, and named,"Iluk", in memory. The village of Iluk was a haven for the odd, and the different. Much like the boy was.

"Tell me another story Grandpa!"

"Heh Heh," the old man chuckled. "No Hiro, I think it's about time for you to go to bed, and dream about someday having your own adventures. Good night my Grandson."

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