The Calling of Ayin

by Sakeru T. C. B. (

Throughout the line of Dragonmasters, there have always been at least one female fighting by the hero's side. Dragonmaster Dyne was accompanied by Lemia Ausa. Dragonmaster Alex had the assistance of Mia Ausa and Jessica de Alkirk, as well as his beloved Luna, later to be known as Althena. Likewise, Hiro (although not quite a Dragonmaster, yet fairly important) was aided in his quest by Lemina Ausa (you see a pattern here?), Jean, and Lucia, not to mention one very cute little red dragon offspring by the name of Ruby. But now the line of Dragonmasters is about to take a little twist......

5,000 years have passed since Hiro defeated the evil Zophar. The tales of the old Dragonmasters don't die so easily, and though some have forgotten the stories of the dragons and heroes such as Dyne or Alex, there are still some who have found interest in their adventures. The need for heroes in the land seemed useless nowadays, since their had been peace on Lunar ever since Zophar and all his evil minions had been vanquished. Yet, things like that don't stay that way for long.

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(Editor's Note: Sakeru has drawn some very impressive pictures of Ayin, Tsadde, and the other main characters of this fanfic. Check them out at her page.)

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