-Face Off-

Rykea created a magic shield to deflect the oncoming bolts of energy Kossori threw at them. "Ahh! Watch it!" cried Lumiya. She grasped her boomerang. "CYCLONE!!"

Kossori created his own shield. "Hah! Let's see you get through this!"

Rykea clutched his staff tightly and began to concentrate. "CREMATORIUM!!"

The blast shattered Kossori's shield and threw him back. "Argh! That does it! I'll get this overwith--now! Shadow Buster!!!" A whirling twisting pillar of dark energy streamed towards them and punched through Rykea's shield. The three were sent sprawling across the grass.

"Oof! There goes my shield--looks like he isn't playing around."

Ayin drew her sword. "All right! You want a fight--we'll give it to you!!" She charged at Kossori; her sword swung in a clean arc, only to miss.

Lumiya took her boomerang and closed her eyes as she murmured something. The boomerang started to grow longer and sharper on one side. Lumiya held it by the other end like a sword, and lept up into the air. "POE SWORD!!!"

Kossori expected to be in extreme pain right about now, but for some reason, he wasn't. He dared to look and see what had happened. All that he saw was black; deep, swirling shrouds that billowed around him, surrounding him. "Tallas!"

"Tallas?!?!" Ayin exclaimed. Beside her, Rykea gasped.

The dark fiend had suddenly appeared out of nowhere, just in time to catch Lumiya in mid-air before she could slash at Kossori. He held the boomerang/sword; Lumiya still dangling from it. "Hey! Let go!!" Tallas simply tossed her aside.

Behind him, Kossori got up and took his place beside his shadowy figure. "Master Tallas! What a surprise! I didn't expect you-"

"I specifically said that I would find the girl myself. I did not give you orders to apprehend her for me. You are dismissed, Kossori." Kossori gritted his teeth, but said nothing. He bowed his head and transported. "Now," Tallas turned to the three, "I shall deal with you."

Rykea finally found his voice. "So you are Tallas. You are the one that destroyed New Tamur. You are the cause of all these monster outbreaks all over Lunar!"

"Yes, you are correct, young premier. Now, I'll let no one get in the way of my plans, and that goes for you."

Ayin couldn't stand it any longer. "I won't let you get away with what you've done!! YAHH!!" She charged at Tallas, but her attacks were anything but deleterious.

Tallas waved the girl's persistency off at first, but as their eyes locked for about a split-second, he began to take the predicament a bit more seriously. "You. What business do you have with me?"

Ayin continued to swing at him. "You-killed-my parents! You-destroyed-New-Tamur!!! RrraAA!!" She got a piece of his cloak, but that was it.

Tallas narrowed his eyes. "Is that so? There were survivors of the New Tamur Massacre. The strange presence that I felt from there.....was YOU!? No, that can't be! You are but a.....yet you do have......the eyes........a female Dragonmaster!?!?!" Yet Tallas knew that it was true; the green-eyed spitfire's presence was definitely the very same that he had detected in New Tamur.

Rykea quickly moved in front of Ayin. This isn't good. He knows.

Tallas smirked. "So you wish to protect the Dragonmistress. How endearing. Well, young premier. I'd like to see you try."

Rykea twirled his staff and stuck it into the ground. "Nitro.......EXCAVATOR!!!!!!" Giant stone spikes shot up from the ground in attempts to skewer the opponent, along with shards of rock. Tallas' cape was torn to shreds by the splinters of stone, yet he himself remained untouched.

"Ooh, very impressive, young premier. Let's see how you do against this." He raised a hand above his head. "Cosmo Vortex."

There was an immediate shifting of gravity as Rykea found himself caught in the middle of an invisible cyclone, lashed repeatedly by some unknown force. He struggled to break free, yet he was unable to do anything. Tallas laughed cruelly. "Stop it! You'll kill him!," pleaded Ayin.

Tallas glanced at her. "Oh? I thought that was the point."

Lumiya once again grasped her boomerang/sword. "POE SWORD!!!!!" Tallas was caught off guard and was down, if only for the moment. The sudden break of his concentration interrupted his 'cosmo vortex', and Rykea dropped to the ground. Ayin ran to his side.

"Rykea! Are you okay?" He managed to smile weakly, then darkness washed over him. Ayin removed his cloak, now in tatters, and tried her best to bandage up some of the more serious wounds.

Lumiya came up beside her. "Come on Ayin! We gotta get away from here before Tallas recovers!" Ayin nodded, but then had second thoughts. "We can't possibly get away fast enough with Rykea wounded like this!" Lumiya smiled mischievously. "No prob! Trans-Gale!!"


Denyx stood by the doorway of Taben's Peak. Daleth stood off to the side, in the shadows. "I've got this weird feeling. Something's wrong," he said.

Daleth came to his side. "Everything feels wrong ever since Tallas reared his ugly head. All of Lunar seems like it's in chaos."

Denyx nodded. "Yeah. So now we gotta start this whole Dragonmaster gig all over again. That reeks."

Daleth laughed. "Don't worry Denyx; if it wasn't for that 'Dragonmaster gig', we'd have never met." Her eyes met his, and once again, he felt lost in a deep crimson sea.

"WAAAAAAAAA!! Oh, you guys look soo cute together! How dreamy!" piped up a familiar voice. Denyx and Daleth slowly turned to see who it was. Lumiya sat there; had appeared out of nowhere, in the company of Ayin and Rykea.

"Ah! What happened?!," exclaimed Denyx, noticing Rykea's condition.

"We ran into Kossori... and finally met Tallas," answered Ayin quietly.

Daleth went to get Jerin while Lumiya began to explain what had happened. "We just went for a walk and then all of a sudden that psycho-freak Kossori shows up and he was the least of our troubles I think, because out of nowhere and with no warning comes that Tallas guy and he wasn't very nice either, flinging me aside like some sort of rag doll, sheesh! Then he beats up on poor Rykea and that's when I really give it to him!!" Daleth re-entered with Jerin close behind.

"Oh! Rykea, what have you gotten yourself into? Your mother would freak if she saw you like this." Right away, Jerin began tending Rykea's wounds.

"Perhaps we should move him to a more comfortable location," suggested Daleth, and so they carefully hefted him to the old rooms that were once occupied by the Dragon Kids under Nall's leadership at one time.

Soon Nall, Ruby, and Seren joined the others. "You've come across Tallas? Uh-oh. This is not good--if Tallas knows you are the Dragonmistress, he'll stop at nothing to destroy you."

"I know, Nall-but what can we do now? I'm not sure if I'm ready to be the next Dragonmaster! I couldn't handle him there; what if I can't handle him the next time we meet?"

Nall grasped Ayin's hand. "You weren't ready then, but you will be now. You shall now don the dragon armor and truly become the Dragonmistress! Dragons!" One by one, each dragon stepped forward, surrounding Ayin. They held out their hands, and the armor pieces appeared.

"Blue Dragon Tiara!"

"Red Dragon Shield!"

"Black Dragon Armor!"

"White Dragon Wings!"

With each piece received, Ayin also learned the corresponding Dragon techniques. She looked at herself and the gear she wore, then, grasping the handle of the Sword of Althena, she nodded. "I'm ready."

"Ayin, we won't let you fight alone!" Tsadde said. "I haven't come all this way for nothing."

Jerin nodded. "I'm coming too. We're all in this together you know."

Ayin smiled. "Thank you. I'll need all the help I can get."

"Then of course you can count on me." Rykea had sat up, and was definitely not going to be left out.

"Rykea, are you sure? You've still not recovered from the last fight."

He shook his head. "I'm fine. Jerin's the best doctor there is." Jerin blushed.

Nall looked at the young warriors. "I guess there's no point in trying to persuade you out of it. Yet, you'll need to be prepared as well if you want to help the Dragonmistress." He motioned for Jerin, Rykea, Tsadde, and Daleth to come forward.

"Tsadde," the Blue Dragon began," This shall enable you to use the 'Blue Dragon Vigor'." Seren handed him the Blue Dragon Crest.

"Rykea, you shall use the 'Red Dragon Anger'," said Ruby, handing him the Red Dragon Crest.

"The White Dragon Crest goes to you, Jerin. It will enable you to use the 'White Dragon Protect'." Nall gave the crest to her.

"I guess that leaves you with the 'Black Dragon Shield', Daleth. It rocks!" Denyx said mischievously, tossing the Black Dragon Crest to her. Daleth smiled.

"Okay--now you guys are ready. So what are we waiting for?"

"Yeah!" piped up Tsadde. "Let's rid Lunar of yet another crazed psychopath!!"

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