-Nothing's Easy-

Tsadde and Seren evaded the beast's attacks as it swiped at them with it's tail. Tsadde struck at it with his short sword, but to no avail. Seren decided to bring out the heavy artillery. "DRAGON TEAR!!" The blast knocked the monster back, and it growled viciously. Tsadde rushed at it again, giving it a quick blow on its snout. The beast's enormous paw whacked him against the wall.

"Tsadde!" Seren shouted, as she threw another 'Dragon Tear' at the thing and ran to aid him.

Tsadde got up uneasily, apparently shook up. "Aw, this is hopeless--I can't get a hit at that guy with a puny sword like this. You're the only one that can finish him off, Seren."

Seren glanced back at the beast, which was still recovering from the last blow. "Don't be discouraged, Tsadde. You'll get your chance." She held out her hands, and a deep blue rapier appeared, garnished with gold carvings and a large sapphire. "I usually don't partake in hand-to-hand combat, which makes this weapon of no use to me. Tsadde Yutsora, it would please me if you take this rapier and put it to use."

Tsadde looked at the weapon in awe, and then grasped it in careful hands. "Thank you, Seren. I'll make use of it, all right!" He and Seren then focused their attention against their foe.

"Dragon Tear!!" cried Seren.

Tsadde gripped the smooth handle of the rapier; his hands sweating with anxiety. "BRAZEN BLUDGEON!!!!" It came out of nowhere; no sooner had Tsadde cried it out than he raced towards the monster at an incredible speed, slashing and hacking with each revolution, and then came to screeching halt--a trail of bronze-colored light left where he had once been. The monster bellowed and then totally dissolved into nothing.

Tsadde looked on, his eyes wide with astonishment. "Did I do that ?!" Seren nodded, smiling. "THAT WAS COOL!!!"

Seren laughed, and patted Tsadde on the back. "Good job. Now we have to work on getting that new Dragon Helmet underway."


"YAAAHHH!!!!!!" Jerin lunged at the Spiked Guardian with her claws. She sprung away as the beast's tail whipped at her, not wanting to be caught by the deadly spikes. Nall decided that the best way to deal with that problem was to get rid of it. He charged at the Guardian, leaping over it before it could snap him apart with its jaws, and slashing at the barbed tail. The slice was clean and true; the Spiked Guardian screamed in pain.

"Good work Nall!" Jerin shouted, as she lept onto the monster's back and sunk her sharp claws into its neck. The Guardian screamed again and flung her off. Jerin groaned and got up again. "Nall, maybe you should do something a little more effective."

Nall nodded. "Okay. DRAGON BOLT!!!" An electrical dragon-shaped bolt flew at the Guardian and gave a direct hit. Nall drew his sword again and slashed at the beast while it was still recovering. The monster gave one last hideous roar, and then disintegrated. Nall wiped his forehead. "Boy, I'm glad we don't have to do this everyday."


Rykea lept out of the way as the Venom Guardian snapped at him with its deadly jaws. Ruby gritted her teeth. "DRAGON FIRE!!!" Flames spewed at the venomous beast.

Rykea joined in. "FROST BITE!" Giant ice skewers were hurled at the monster, who, naturally, did not like getting hit by too many things at once (or getting hit at all, for that matter) decided to give its foes a taste of its venom.

The Guardian flung its tail around, catching Ruby off guard, and she went down. Then it went after the boy that tried skewering it with popsicals.

Rykea jumped as the monster's foot came crashing down by him. It's a good thing I removed my cloak earlier, it would be much harder to evade this thing if I hadn't!

Ruby was surprised at the young mage's deftness as he dodged the beast's attacks. Rykea twirled his staff baton-style and landed one on the Guardian's snout. It drew back, a little surprised at that, but even more ticked off. Rykea had went to help Ruby up.

"I didn't know you were so agile," Ruby commented. Rykea gave a slight grin. "Heh, neither does my mother. She'd freak if she found out I've been taking karate lessons at Meribia!"

Ruby smiled. "Ah."

They then turned their attention back towards the fiend. The Venom Guardian hurled its deadly poison at the two nuisances. They scrambled to get out of the way. Ruby whirled around. "Dragon Fire, Dragon Fire, DRAGON FIRE!!!!"

Rykea thought she was overdoing it just a little. Oh well, might as well help her out. "Rushing Deluge!!!!"

The Venom Guardian had spit its last; it gave one last shriek and vanished. "Phew! That was quite a workout. Are you all right Ruby?"

Ruby dusted off her skirt and pushed back her hair. "Yah, I'm fine. Now let's get that Dragon Shield."


"Hahahahaha, you can't be serious!," Kossori laughed at the girl who had just threatened him. "Puh-leez, what can a girl do against me?"

Ayin was getting sick of the haughty mage blowing a lot of hot air. "Thunder Thrust!!"

Kossori lept back, a clearly surprised look on his face. "Hmm, so you do have some skill. Pity." He raised his staff in the air. "And I thought you were cute too; oh well. Shadow Heinous!!!!" Bolts of frenetic energy danced about, frying everything in sight. Ayin evaded the deadly lightening and charged at Kossori. "Whoa; you weren't kidding! Well then, I guess I should stop playing around and get serious," he said as he quickly avoided her barrage of slashes and blows. "Shadow Inert!!"

Ayin was stunned to find herself stuck in her tracks. "What the-?!" Beside her, Denyx too, seemed to be stuck.

Kossori laughed. "Now I'll just finish you off, and Tallas will see how much fidelity I possess. Certainly more than that back-stabber Daleth! Hahahaha- " The impudent mage was felled by a mysterious blow. "Who-!? Urrr...Daleth," he spat, as he grimaced, crumpling over.

Ayin found herself able to move again, as did Denyx. "Daleth!?" Ayin exclaimed, just as bemused as Kossori. Daleth emerged from the shadows, scimitar in hand. Ayin gripped her sword tighter. Did she down Kossori just to finish us off herself? To her dismay, Daleth sheathed the scimitar. Ayin did not drop her guard.

Denyx stepped towards Daleth. "Well? Explain yourself. First, you use me to try and eliminate my friends--then you manage to help us out against Mr. Blowhard over there. Just whose side are you on?!?!"

Daleth stood, unmoved. She glanced over at Kossori, who still lay on the ground, trembling in anger. "I knew not where I belonged. It has been very hard and lonely; my life. I thought that to serve Tallas was worthwhile enough. He thought me an impeccable associate; with my skills in fighting and his forte as well, Tallas knew he would be unstoppable. With me almost always at his side, he thought himself impregnable. But until recently, I had not realized that I could possibly have interests of my own--that I could have my own way, do my own bidding. Not just live in complete servitude to Tallas."

"That doesn't really explain why you decided to turn tables," Ayin said doubtfully.

Daleth nodded. "On my most recent mission, which was to turn the black dragon--it was then that I felt I could have freedom. When I met you, Denyx." Her crimson eyes fell upon him. "I felt something... I could not explain. Yet now I know what that feeling was." Denyx breathed out, as though he had been holding his breath all that time. "Daleth...I.." Daleth looked down now, tears forming in her eyes. Denyx went to console her. "Oh Denyx, at first I thought you were acting foolish; that you were falling right into my trap, when I realized it was not because of guile; it was because of love." She choked on those last words.

Denyx stared into her eyes. "Daleth, do you mean that? I mean, well, I couldn't believe that you were working with Tallas when Nall told me; not until I heard it with my own ears when we eavesdropped on your conversation between Kossori. But I still wouldn't believe it, and now I surely don't. I love you, Daleth."

Kossori groaned. "Oh please, this is sickening. I'm getting nauseous here!"

Ayin glanced at him. She couldn't help but feel a little bored herself. "Um, I hate to interrupt this new found friendship, but--uh, don't we have a certain Black Dragon Armor to obtain?"

Denyx looked like he just woke up from a dream. "Huh? Oh yeah! Right! Dragon Armor!! Heh, guess I got carried away with all this sentimental stuff." Ayin smiled. "Okay, but what about ....him?"

They turned to see that Kossori was gone.

"Aw man!! That imperious little brat's gone!!! Now he's gonna snitch on us."

Daleth shook her head. "He may tell of my treachery, but he nor Tallas know of the Dragonmaster."

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