Lucia's Realization

by Mira Salyer

As Lucia was leaving, she tried not to look behind her, she couldn't bear to. She stood her ground and won't fall back from it. She just couldn't understand why Hiro and the rest would stop and help that town. They knew that they had to help her find Pentagulia and they're running out of time. The cold blasts hit her face as Lucia grabbed hold on her new shawl. The freezing weather reminded her much of what life on the Blue Star was like. Lucia hurried along aimlessly though the barren cold until she could find a path. Battles would come and go, as Lucia would cast the best among her abilities. If only she wasn't cursed earlier to begin with, all would be a cinch then.

Lucia gradually passed on, she found a dirt path and followed it. Walking along it, she replayed everything back that she went though since she came to this odd planet. She recalled meeting Hiro as he couldn't pull his eyes away from her for no reason. Then Ruby, who would say the strangest things to her and be very protected of Hiro. Lucia was then cursed, oh how weak she felt! She knew then she had to depend on Hiro and the others. Everyone, except Gwyn, went to Larpa and met Ronfar, who was very kind to help and join them. But then she remembered leaving them all to Dalton. All too early, Lucia thought grimly as she fell to the trap of Leo and wasn't strong enough to defend herself. Later, her new friends came and rescued her, backtracking their mission to get away from Leo. Going north, they enter the Illusion Forest. Traveling through the maze, they meet the talented dancer, Jean. After they aided her, she then returned the favor by joining the team.

Lucia gazed across the horizon and saw the town Meribia ahead. Coming closer, she was soon within the gates of the town. She planned on resting for some moments, then she'll continue to her next destination. If only she had Ronfar to tell her which way to go and how far. It makes her wish she was still with them. She had the most uncomfortable feeling since she left the group. She couldn't detect this empty feeling she had within her. She pushed those unrecognizable feelings aside, wanting to focus more on the mission. She would just have to ask someone where Pentagulia was and how to get there.

Trying to talk to the locals, none seem to be willing to help, not caring that their lives were in stake. Lucia sighed as she was worn out. She just wasn't strong enough to do all this. In fact, she felt even weaker now then she did when she was at Zulan. How could this happen, she thought worriedly to herself. She recalled getting stronger the whole way till they reached Zulan. What would be the factor of losing my strength? She just couldn't understand this at all.

Maybe I need to do more rethinking, she thought. She returned to her thoughts of their adventure as they went to Takkar and met Lemina, who put them to the magic test. Though she was greedy for money and their skills, she made herself a spot in the team. They went through the mountain pass where they saw the Sentry. She hoped he wouldn't interfere again like that, as it was not his time. He was to stay at the Star Tower, and that was that. After the incident, they went to Nota, where Leo chased them out. Jean then suggested that they should go to her carnival. Lucia was changed to a different outfit to be less noticeable. Leo got in their way again. Rashly they took the flying device where they crashed into Ghaleon's mystic ruins. After the unlikely encounter, he then gave them a hand by keeping Leo busy. Afterwards, they arrived at Zulan, where she departed from the rest.

"That all helps me with nothing," Lucia finally concluded with some frustration.

"And that's all that's going to save you," said a familiar voice.

Lucia looked up seeing Leo standing before her, with several guards behind him. Evidently, Ghaleon didn't hold them off too long.

"Leo... How?" Lucia asked him.

"Remember?" Leo asked as he pointed to the Destiny, which was off by the ports.

He looked back at her, "Now Destroyer, we are going to take you, so make it easier on us all and don't put up a fight."

"Your humanity depends on me finding Althena. If you don't think your lives are that important, then fight and perish!" Lucia threatened.

"Whatever," Leo said with a dramatic yawn. "Guards!"

All five of the guards surrounded her. Each held their swords and pointed them towards her, ready to restraint her. She couldn't give up, though, she needed to get through this alive. She will find Althena!

"Pulse Laser!" Lucia casted on one of the guards, stunning him rather well. She ran through the new opening as she tried to escape. She'll just have to ask the next town where Pentagulia is... if she can find it!

"After her!!!" Leo commanded his slow, dumbfounded soldiers.

They began to tail her, as she ran with all her might. Now was the time to cast another spell.

"Plasma Shock!" sShe yelled.

Another one of Leo's men down as it gave her less to fight. She wish she could do her lightning attack right now and take them all out, but for some reason she wasn't strong enough to do it.

Why is that?, she thought again and again. Who could make me feel so weak?

Then it all clicked in her head.

Then again, she thought, who could make feel so much stronger?

Hiro. The name rung in her mind so much that she wanted it to stop. She then realized how bad of a mistake it was to leave him and the rest. She missed them so much right now. It was Hiro all along that helped her grow in strength. She didn't understand, but she knew she had to reach him again. He may need me, Lucia thought, they could be in trouble! If only I could get to them now, but I have these guards after me! How can I get rid of them? I'm not strong enough. I need Hiro with me.

She stopped and then put forth more effort to lose another one of the foes.

"Plasma Shock!"

One soldier was terminated but there was still two more and then there was Leo. Lucia pushed herself to eliminate the problem.

"Pulse Laser!"

Another went down as she fell to her knees in exasperation. She wore herself from too much combat. She just needed a little more energy...

"Aw, all tired now?" Leo asked smugly, approaching her with his last guard behind him.

"Never! Pulse Las... er..." she tried to yell, but was too worn to cast her spell.

"Nice try! You try to put out my men with your evil sorcery, but you merely just tired them out, see?" Leo mentioned as Lucia could see the guards coming from behind their leader.

"Grab her!!" Leo commanded.

"I don't think so, the time is not yet right!" said a man from behind Lucia.

"Ghaleon?!?" Lucia commented questioningly, witnessing him standing before her.

He stood there across from Leo looking on them. Lucia was wondering why Ghaleon, so evil and low, was saving her yet again. Could it be possible that Ghaleon is actually good?

"Go, Lucia," said Ghaleon, "your friends need you. I'll hold Leo off. We'll be seeing each other again... at Pentagulia,of course."

Lucia asked no questions, even though she thought for a slight moment that she saw Ghaleon with a suspicious grin on his elven face. She took off, heading back to Zulan. Leo tried going after her, but Ghaleon got in his way, directing his sword at him.

"Go to Azado. You'll see them there," he told him surly.

"Hmrp!" he grumbled as he signal his men to follow him back to the Destiny.

Ghaleon then turned back to the direction where Lucia went away from. His eyes narrowed while he turned bitter.

"The future will hold tremendous things for her... Zophar won't be pleased if he knew that." Then he lightened up his mood. "Oh well, not my problem."

Lucia ran as fast as she could towards Zulan's direction. Already she could feel all of her original strength returning to her. As Lucia now was destroying all the monsters with ease, she was anticipating her arrival to Zulan. At this very moment, Hiro and the rest would be in the mountains, so she better hurry!

"Everybody, I'm coming back, you'll see!" Lucia said with some emotion.

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