Bedtime Story

by D. L. Smith

"Alright, now, are you tucked in and ready for bed?"

"But, daddy, it's way too early to go to bed yet!"

"No buts, now! You know what time it is!"

"Oh, all right!...But can I tell the story for tonight?"


"Uncle Kyle told me a really good one the other night when he came by to visit."

"Oh, he did, did he? And what's this story about?"

"Well, It's about Emeraldune and how the Beast races were created."


"Yeah, what are yelling for?! It's not a bad story..."

"Umm...It's just that well...Tell me what he told you."

"Well, once upon a time, there was a really beautiful city named Emeraldune that lay not to far away from where Uncle Tempest and Aunt Fresca lives. I forget the name of it..."

"You mean Pao?"

"Yeah, and the people who lived in the city had a problem. You see, there was this really bad nympho-, afro-, necro-thingie guy..."


"Yeah, that's it. Well, there was this evil necromancer guy that lived on the only pass that led in and out of the valley where Emeraldune was. The city had a tool-, tele-, trainsmission place where people could go in or out but only one person at a time and only if they used a spell. The Vile monster tribe was north of it and they wanted to get rid of the town but the necroguy's tower was in the way and he didn't like them either. He was real powerful, but he was also sort of a coward. Well, Emeraldune was real rich because you see, they had all this treasure from all these Emeralds that was in the ground underneath the city. That's how it got it's name. That and I think there was a lot of green trees and grass there, too.

"Well, anyway, he was too afraid to go down there himself and face the men of the town, because they were all really powerful fighters, so he figured out a plan to get rid of the people living in the city so he could walk in and get the treasures for himself. He used this magic scroll he had to poison and kill all the women in the town, that way there could be no way for the townsmen to summon the stork and he could wait until they all died of old age and steal their treasure."

"Stop right there! Did your Uncle Kyle tell you anything about summoning the stork?!"

"No, he acted really weird about it, but he told me he'd tell me about it later when he figured I would be ready."

"Oh really now! Well, we'll see about that later! Continue with your story."

"Um, where was I? Oh, yeah! Well, the evil necroguy used his spell and all the women in the valley died. It was real sad. All the men wanted to do something about the necroguy, but because his tower was also keeping out the Vile monsters, they couldn't figure out what to do. Then one guy, the village elder, had a smart idea! He decided to visit the goddess Althena and ask her what to do! Since she was the Goddess, she would know what to do. Well, first he used a trains-, tracks, trans-missle spell to go visit the goddess who had a really big shrine. She listened to his sad story and thought for a while on it. She asked them why didn't they just go to another town and get women, but the elder guy told her that then that would give away their secret that they didn't have any women and other greedy people would try to take their jewels. She frowned but figured that if they truly wanted to stay there, she should help them.

"Then she had an idea. Since the men didn't have any women anymore, she would make some for them. But she couldn't make them out of just anything. So she went around and grabbed up all of the rabbits, and cats, and wolves, and foxes, and animals that she could find and she sang a magical song and changed them all into beautiful women for the men. The village elder was happy and he took them back to the town, but then he found out that they had another problem.

"The Animal women didn't want to do anything but act like animals and the dogwomen chased the cat women, and the foxwomen chased the rabbitwomen and so on. So the village elder went back to Althena and pestered her for help again. She thought about it and thought about it and came up with another answer. So she went with the village elder to the town and sang another magical song. All the Animal women stopped acting like animals and started acting like human women. Once again, the villagers were real happy but then there was another problem. None of the women wanted to be bothered with the men on account that they were seasonal or something. Uncle Kyle said that animals only summon the stork once a year, while people can do it more. Is that true?"

"I'll explain it to you later. A LOT later. Continue."

"Ok, well, since that was the case, the village elder went back to the Goddess's shrine again. By this time she was starting to get annoyed with all these weird requests and told him so. But the village elder begged and begged, so the goddess took pity on him and told him she would sing one last song for them, and then they were on their own. So again, she went to the city and she sang a magical song, and all the women in the town fell in love with the men. The elder was overjoyed but the other men were not. They didn't want to have anything to do with the women who used to be animals and said so. So the village elder went to the goddess shrine again. This time, Althena got really ticked off. She told him that she didn't want to be bothered anymore by stupid people with stupid requests and said so. The village elder told her that the animal women had been her idea in the first place, which made her even madder. So she told him that she would help them out one more time, but then she would take steps to make sure nobody ever bothered her again with such nonsense. She gave the village elder guy a potion to put in the city well and told him that anybody who drank the water would immediately fall in love with the first female he seen. Then she kicked him out. So the village elder went back to the town and put the stuff in the well and everything seemed to be working out fine, until the storks came. Well, according to Uncle Kyle, when animals summon the stork, they bring a whole lot of babies for the mommy and the daddy called 'liters'."

"That's 'litters'."

"Whatever, and since the women were still sort of animal, they brought a whole lot of babies to the city for each mommy and daddy. Is that why I can't have a lot of baby brothers or sisters? Because we're not Beast people?"

"Umm, no. Talk to mommy about that one. Go on..."

"Anyway, a lot of the new daddies complained that they had too many kids and yelled at the village elder about it. He immediately went to go see the goddess Althena about it, but when he got there, he found that she had changed her shrine into a giant tower and stuck it up on top of the tallest mountain she could make. In the valley underneath the tower, a bunch of trees were planted in different ways to spell the words "NO TRESPASSERS" to anybody who looked at them from the nearby hills. So the village elder went back and told thme that they would just have to deal with it, which he should of told them in the first place. Meanwhile, the necroman guy left his castle a few years after he had first cast the spell. He expected the city people to be just a bunch of sad old men who he could beat easily. Imagine his surprise when he got there and found a whole living and breathing town with a lot of young people! The small army of zombies and ghouls he had with him were no match for the young warriors and magicians that were now in the city, and they slayed them all and captured the evil necromagic guy and got rid of him, too, and the town lived on happily ever after...Well, until later, when some other magic person cast a spell on it and now nobody knows where it is, but Uncle Kyle told me that that's another story..."

"So what do you think, Daddy?"

"It was a good story, but I don't think you should tell it to your mother. You don't want Uncle Kyle to get in more trouble with her as it is, with this one. You remember how mad she got about the time when he gave you that beer, right?"

"Yeah, she really started screaming at him!"

"Well, there you go. You ready for your storybook now?"


"Well OK, now where were we?"

"Everybody had just found out that the wizard apprentice guy was really Dark Sol. I know they couldn't trust him."

"Well, good for you. Now then, 'The trio once again entered the dark labyrinth, weapons at the ready...'"

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