Part 1

Hiro slept peacefully in the room that had been magically created for him by Lucia, a goddess and who just happened to be the woman he loved. He stirred in his sleep and murmered her name.

Lucia slept in her crystal in a room far above Hiro's. Her dream however was far from pleasant. She watched as Ghaleon killed the white dragon Quark, while Hiro and a young auburn haired boy stood in shock at the sight.Hiro then left the boy after Ghaleon had run off,only to meet up with a blonde haired woman, who cast a spell on him knocking him out and disappearing with him just as the boy showed up.

Then an image of Zophar appeared in front of her. "Are you enjoying the show Lucia?" he asked her.

"What do you want you monster," she hissed at him.

"Lucia," replied Zophar, "is that anyway to greet the person who holds the fate of your precious Hiro in his hand."

"What are you talking about?" asked a puzzled Lucia.

"I'm talking about sending him somewhere back in time where your magic can't help him," answered Zophar, "as a matter of fact the spell I cast on him should already be working, so I'd wake up and go say goodbye to him." The god of war then disappeared laughing.

Lucia awoke with a start. "Hiro," she whispered. She emerged from the crystal and floated down to the main floor of the crystal
tower. She then turned and ran to the back of the tower where Hiro's room was.

Hiro, meanwhile stirred in his sleep as a light began to cover his body. When the light had completely enveloped him it began to pulsate and Hiro began to vanish.

Lucia entered the room as he completely disappeared. "No!" she cried, falling to her knees in tears. "I'll get you back somehow. Hiro,I swear I will."

& & & &

1000 Years Ago

A light began to appear in front of Dragonmaster Dyne's Memorial which was just a little ways north of the village of Burg. It shone through the trees and into the bedroom of a fifteen-year old boy's room.

The boy sat up, rubbed his green eyes, then looked in the direction that the light was coming from.

"What's with the light Alex," a small voice from the direction of his dresser asked.

"I don't know?" Alex replied, "but I'm going to find out." He got out of bed and got dressed. "Let's go Nall," he said.

The two of them quietly made their way out of the house, making sure not to wake up his parents, Noah and Mary, or Luna, a girl his parents had raised since she was a baby.

Once outside they made their way towards the light. When they reached the Memorial the light had vanished. Alex then noticed the lifeless body of Hiro lying face down in front of the Memorial. He ran up to him and felt Hiro's neck for a pulse.

Once he found one he touched Hiro's shoulder and began to shake him. "Hey," he said, "are you all right?" But he got no response. He then picked up Hiro and headed back to his home.

"Where do you suppose he came from Alex?" Nall asked him.

"I have no idea?" replied Alex.

Upon reaching his home Alex was greeted by his parents and Luna.

"Who is that Alex?" asked Luna, as he walked into the house.

"I don't know?" replied Alex, "I found him exactly like this in front of Dyne's Memorial."

Mary walked up to Alex and carefully looked Hiro over. "He doesn't seem to be hurt," she said, "just lay him on your bed until he wakes up."

Alex looked at his mother, nodded and headed to his room followed closely by Luna. He laid Hiro on his bed.

Luna approached the bed and stared at Hiro. She then looked at Alex. "Do you think he's a member of the Vile tribe?"she asked him.

"What makes you ask a question like that?" he asked her.

Luna indicated to the green marks on Hiro's right cheek.

Alex looked at Hiro. "No," he said shaking his head, "I don't think he is."

"Okay," answered Luna. She turned back to Hiro. It was then that she noticed Lucia's pendant around his neck. She picked it up and stared at it. "Why does that look familiar to me?" she wondered.

"Is anything wrong Luna?" Alex asked her.

"No," she answered, "nothing's wrong." She stood up. "I guess I'll leave and let you and Nall get some sleep." Saying that she left Alex's room.

"Good night Luna," Alex and Nall said together.

Alex then climbed in bed and Nall settled down on Alex's dresser once again.

The next day Alex awoke to discover that Hiro had woken up sometime during the night and was now laying on his side facing the wall.

Alex smiled and shook him awake. "Good morning," he said to Hiro when he sat up and looked at Alex.

"Where am I?" Hiro asked Alex.

"You're in the village of Burg," replied Alex, getting out of bed and getting dressed.

Just then Nall awoke, flew over to the bed and landed in front of Hiro. "Hello," he said, "my name's Nall, what's yours?"

Hiro looked stunned for a second then put his head in his hands. "I don't belong here," he thought to himself, "but I have absolutely no idea why I'm here."

"Are you all right?"Alex asked Hiro.

Hiro looked up and nodded at Alex. "I'm okay," he answered, "it just a headache."

Alex smiled. "Well then," he said, "I guess I'll see you later then." Saying that he left the room.

Hiro got out of bed and took his gold cloak off the nail it had been hung on.

Luna strolled into the room a minute later. "Good morning," she said, "my name's Luna. What's your name?"

"Mine's Hiro," he replied. He stared at her while he was talking. "I can't believe I'm standing in front of the human form of the Goddess Althena," he thought to himself.

Luna began looking over the room. "Have either of you seen Alex this morning?" she asked, "we were supposed to practice for the Goddess festival but I can't find him anywhere?"

"Have you tried the usual place Luna?" said Nall.

"No," said Luna, "but it figures he'd be there. He's there almost every second of the day at that Memorial. I even bet he'd sleep there if we let him!"

Nall began to laugh. "I bet he would," he said.

Luna looked at Hiro. "Do you know how to play any musical instruments?"she asked him.

"I know how to play the ocarina," replied Hiro.

"Great!" said Luna. She grabbed Hiro's hand and dragged him outside, telling Alex's parents that the two of them were going to practice for the festival at the Burg Springs.

On the way out of town,they ran into Ramus, Alex's best friend.

"Good morning Luna," he said, "you wouldn't happen to know where Alex is would you? I've looked all over town, but can't find him anywhere."

"Did you check the usual spot, Ramus?" she asked.

No," said Ramus, "but I'll go check it now." He then became aware of Hiro. "Who is this Luna?" he asked her.

Luna looked at Hiro. "His name's Hiro," she replied, "Alex found him unconscious in front of Dyne's Memorial last night."

"And I think it's better you never know where I came from," Hiro thought to himself.

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