The Shrine's Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the fact many people e-mail me the same questions about the Shrine to Ghaleon over and over again I decided to set up this page so that the answers to the more common questions can be found here. If you e-mail me asking something that can be found here do not expect me to reply! That's why this page exists.

1) Do you have ICQ or AIM? Can I get your number/screen name?

No, I do not have ICQ or AIM, nor do I have any intention getting either. I tend to be a busy person so when I go online I want to be able to do my business and sign off again. So if you want to chat it will have to be through e-mail.

2)Can you help me beat/find _____ in Lunar: TSS/EB/SSS/EBC?

Some people are under the assumption that because I run this site I am a walking, talking, e-mailing walkthrough. I'm not. If you have a question concerning gameplay there are many walkthroughs available on the web. You probably can find the answer at one of those faster than it would take for you to get my reply. I recommend checking out GameFAQs for help. They've almost always had whatever I needed. You'll also find that the denizens of the Shrine's Message Board are often willing to help another player as well.

3) Where can I find Lunar music files?

For midis, try the G-MUS Archive or Sephiroth's Music Mansion. For wavs, Lily's Anime/RPG pics. Mp3s, The Blue Star. The EB Ghaleon themes are also available at this site. If you can't find what you want in any of these places, don't ask me because I won't know where else to look.

4) Where can I find Lunar merchandise?

I'm not a regular shopper of anime/manga goods so all I can do is name a few places that have been known to carry Lunar goods at one point or another. The Shrine does not endorse these places in any fashion, so buy at your own risk! Sasuga Books (for artbooks, manga), Planet Anime (for artbooks, manga), The Place (music CDs), and CD Japan (music and drama CDs). And of course you can get a few things from Working Designs too.

5) Where's the Dark Scimitar?

This question has been asked so much it gets a section all its own. The archived Dark Scimitar Grotto web site is no longer in existence, but basically, you can't find it in the game. The only known method of doing so is through exploiting a bug in the North American version of the game.

6) Hey, how come this history of Ghaleon/Lunar on your page doesn't make any sense?

I get e-mails sometimes from people confused by the history of Ghaleon and the timeline on my page. I'll stress again, these documents are only valid for the original Lunar: The Silver Star for the Sega CD. Lunar: Silver Star Story for the Playstation has a heavily revised plot which has no bearing on the history and timeline documented on this page. If you have only played the Playstation version of the game, this is probably where your confusion arises.

7) Did you get my e-mail?

I probably did, but I get a lot of mail in general, so occasionally I'll lose one in the shuffle. I generally will reply within two days to e-mails requiring simple answers (requiring less than a paragraph content). Anything longer may take up to a week. If you still haven't heard from me after a week then feel free to prod me and see if I got your letter. Sometimes I forget to reply if it's been too long.

8) Why isn't my fanfic/fanart posted yet?

I update the Shrine to Ghaleon nearly every Sunday. Occasionally I take a break because I'm sick, traveling, or just plain old tired, but that rarely happens more often than once a month. If I receive your submission by 9 pm Pacific time on a Saturday, there's a good chance I will include it with the update the following Sunday (the exception being if you send me a huge batch of fanfic chapters or fanart). If you send your work between 9 pm and whenever I update on Sunday, then it will only be included if I have the time. Otherwise it will be held off until the following week. If you e-mailed on time and you still don't see your work, before you e-mail me asking why it's not posted, be sure to check the updates section and see if there was an update to the Shrine. It's possible I took the week off. Generally I'll mention my vacations if I know about them ahead of time. If I don't I'll often post on the Shrine's Message Board explaining why I'm skipping an update.

9) Can I send you something non-fanfic/fanart related for the Shrine?

There is a downloads section for the Shrine, so WinAmp skins, wallpaper, themes, screen savers, etc. are all welcome, but please use your judgement when it comes to size. See the downloads page for more information.

10) I want to write a fanfic but I'm not sure it'll be good enough. What do you think of my story idea?

If I'm in a really good mood I may actually answer that question, but quite frankly I put little stock in free floating ideas if the author hasn't finished a story or two beforehand. Ideas are cheap. Crappy ideas can make good stories. Good ideas can make terrible stories. It's all in the presentation. Bottom line: Good ideas are nice, but they're not everything, so don't come to me until that idea becomes a story.

11) Okay, then will you tell me what you think of my fanfic?

Those faint of heart, beware. Though I love fanficdom and I read every single story submitted to the Shrine, I can be a blunt and honest critiquer. My remarks aren't to be taken personally, I critique the story not the author, but I've known some people who've taken it that way.

12) Will you collaborate on a fanfic with me?

My general answer would be no. Sorry, but it's easier for me to work alone. I work on several projects at once so whoever collaborates with me has to have the patience of a saint in order to put up with the fact I'll be the one holding up production. Assuming you have the patience, you'd also have to have something of a proven track record (regarding fanfic production) and your storytelling style would have to be compatible with mine among other things. Suffice to say my rules for collaborations are very strict. Besides, you wouldn't really want to work with me. :P I can get all crabby and stuff.

13) Where can I find some of your non-Lunar work?

Check my bio page. I list all of my web posted fanfics there. It also has information on my fanfic mailing list (this list receives all my fanfics, both Lunar and non, via e-mail) and how you can read my non-fanfic work.

14) Can I post any of your fanfics on my web site?

I'm always happy to see people take an interest in my work, so generally I won't mind as long as you ask first. I get very upset when I see my work posted without permission. Certain fanfics I do not allow posted outside of the Shrine to Ghaleon (such as Memories, which is one of my favorites), so contact me with what you would like. Two other stipulations are that the site must not be a "mega" site with thousands of visitors (those get enough traffic without my fics being added) and that a smaller site must show itself capable of maintaining a fanfic archive. That usually means regular updates and preferably an existing archive with a few stories already in it.

15) Have you ever published anything?

I have been published in the now defunct webzine Millennium Science Fiction & Fantasy, the print/PDF magazine Foxfire, and the print magazine Kinships. I also have an upcoming short story in a new print magazine called Elsewhen. For more information see my bio page.

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Last adjustments were February 9, 2003