Fanfic Submission Guidelines

Much as I like having a large collection of fanfics at my web site, there are a few things I'd like people to take into consideration before sending me any of their work. This arises from the fact that I don't have endless amounts of time on hand, and that likely goes for any of you would-be writers out there. If people follow these guidelines, it should save me a lot of time, and might save you the hurt of having your fanfic rejected or removed.

1) If you have a multi-part fanfic, be sure to submit at least the first three chapters before giving it to me. This is to help make sure you plan on finishing your story. If you have the dedication to write a gigantic fanfic, then you should have the staying power to finish the first three chapters. I don't like seeing idle incomplete fanfics, and if you expect someone to take the time to read your fic you should have the dedication to finish it for them.

2) Try not to give me anything above a PG-13 rating. R-ratings may be accepted based upon content. I get a lot of younger readers here so I don't want any strictly adult material. I've never had a problem with rating, but people have asked me before. Use your own judgement. You can compare the content of your story with the other fanfics in my library to get a better feel for what I'll allow.

3) PLEASE proofread your work! You'd think some people had never heard of spellcheckers. A few typos are okay, but I don't want to be your English teacher. This is probably the biggest time-saver you could do for me. For one, I can't catch all your mistakes, and for another, it will look better on the web when everyone else reads your story. Also, if you have too many mistakes then I will not post the fanfic.

4) Know how to punctuate. This may sound stupid, but I can't believe how many people still seem to think commas belong outside of the quotation marks. They do not! Example: ["Thanks.", said Hiro.] That is incorrect! In the proper writing of American English it would be written: ["Thanks," said Hiro.] This is something very easy for an author to change but is at the same time hell for me to edit.

5) Please refrain from using copyrighted works that are not video game or anime related. The gaming/anime community is very tolerant of fandom, but there are other industries out there that may not be.

Lastly, this isn't a requirement, but if you know how to use HTML tags, it would be very helpful if you could take care of your own italics, bold face, and paragraph breaks. I can handle the rest. If you would like to learn how to do this I can teach you. It's not hard.

Now assuming that you've gone through all that work, you can send me your story in a nice and tidy e-mail attachment. Please send it either in plain text (not "text with layout" as I find that extremely irritating), HTML, or Microsoft Word. No, I will not handle story exchanges through snail mail.

Hopefully this hasn't discouraged any of you from sending me your works. This is to make the burden of reading through submissions easier on me, and ensure the quality of what does show up on the fanfic page for everyone's enjoyment. And if it's an added incentive, the less time I have to spend working on HTMLizing your work or proofreading it, the faster I'll be able to get it up! And then maybe these every other week updates will go back to being once a week.

A note on pen names...

This had never been a problem before, but people have asked to use titles (Dragonmaster, General, etc.) as a part of their pen names. That annoys me. I can understand if you don't want to use your own name, but I prefer getting a name that looks like it can be attached to a real person.


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