A Short Primer on Ghaleon's Past

Ghaleon kneeling

This section will be getting a major facelift once Silver Star Story makes it over to the U. S. I once thought of posting Ghaleon's story according to SSS prior to its American release, but due to Working Designs' taste for improving things, I don't trust the Japanese version of the story to hold true to the American one. In essence I'm sure the two will be the same, but the details will likely differ.

I've been under fire from some people before because of how I viewed Ghaleon's past. Everyone seems to have a slightly different take on what happened those years ago. So this is Ghaleon's history according to the way I interpreted it. Please don't e-mail me if you disagree. I've debated it to death with so many people that there's hardly anything new you could tell me that I haven't heard before.

For those of you who don't know who Ghaleon is (although I wonder why you're even here if you don't, curiosity perhaps?) or just forgot most of his history here's a brief rundown of who he is. Ghaleon is a very complex character who is the premier of the Magic Guild of Vane at the start of Lunar: The Silver Star . But that is not where his story begins.

About fifteen to twenty years before Lunar: The Silver Star starts, an evil demigod invaded the world. The goddess Althena called upon four heros who rose up through the darkness to become victorious. The four heroes were Dyne, Lemia, Mel, and Ghaleon. But not long after the demigod's banishment, the black dragon went insane. Althena called upon Dyne to defeat the dragon, and Ghaleon decided to accompany his best friend through the battle. No one really knew the events of that fight except for the combatants, but apparently Ghaleon was the only one to emerge from the battle alive. The loss of his friend scarred him so much that it was said that he had not smiled since Dyne's death.

Desperate for revenge upon the world that had caused him such a loss, young Ghaleon set out for the forbidden Frontier. There he made a pact with the Vile Tribe, demons whom Althena exiled centuries ago. They would help him dethrone the goddess in return for freedom from the Frontier. Ghaleon then became the dreaded Magic Emperor, fated to destroy the world. Not long afterwards he founded the city of Ruid.

But fifteen years after Dyne's death, a young boy, Alex, the hero of L:TSS , saw Ghaleon's evil and ambition. And in a climatic battle atop Ghaleon's mobile fortress, he slew the Magic Emperor and rescued the girl he loved, the human form of the goddess Althena.

That would have been the end of Ghaleon's story, except that in the second game, Lunar: Eternal Blue , Zophar, an entity that rivals Althena's power, had resurrected Ghaleon as his prime henchman. He believed that the hatred Ghaleon bore for Althena was still there. But in truth it wasn't. (Dyne was seen alive and well in L:TSS , so Althena must have ressurected him or he otherwise escaped his "death". But I have a feeling that Ghaleon didn't turn back to the path of good because by the time he knew Dyne was really alive, his plans were too far along.) Ghaleon toyed on Hiro, the new hero, and his friends, but pulled them out of a fix or two when escape seemed impossible. Of course, he got them into more problems than he helped them out of. But all that he did was carefully engineered to aid Hiro in the end. When ordered by Zophar to kill off Hiro and his friends, Ghaleon let the heros defeat him. With his last words he then revealed that his second chance at life allowed him to atone for his sins of the past, and he was grateful for the chance. (One of the pictures of Ghaleon kneeling makes me think of him as a fallen king.) He gives Hiro his sword, and praises the young hero's hope and conviction. As Hiro leaves to fight Zophar, Ghaleon watches them, asking Dyne if he could see them now. Then Ghaleon smiles, closes his eyes, and fades away.

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