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Tremble before my superior linkage! I'm just kidding. ^_- Wow it feels great to have this place up again. The number of Lunar links is incredible and I'm sure I'm missing quite a few. If you find that your site is not listed here, feel free to e-mail me and I will add your page with my next update.

Since Lunar fandom has been on the internet for about seven years now, many of the older pages have fallen into disrepair or simply idle away. Rather than delete the links to these pioneers, I have created a listing here for "vintage" Lunar pages. "Vintage" sites will consist of anything that has not been updated since 1999, the halfway point between now and the beginning of Lunar net fandom.

I've decided to mark some of the more noteworthy sites to visit with a * and added a few comments to other pages if they have something unusual to offer.

Lunar Pages
Lunar and Anime/other RPGs
Lunar IRC RPGs
Personal and Club Pages
Vintage Lunar
Misc. Lunar

Lunar Pages

Arkmay's Lunar Page

Ask The Five Heroes

Blue Star Not THE Blue Star web site from the late 1990s. See Vintage Lunar links for that one.

Blue Star Legends

Brandon's Lunar Page

Dragonmaster Kato's Lunar Page

Dragonmaster Lou's Page * There is not so much here now, but this site is worthy of note because it was one of the first, if not the first, Lunar page on the net.

The Flying Cat Homepage * It's back and chock full of more Lunar dragon artwork than you could shake a fish at.

Kizyr's Lunar: Walking School, the Walkthrough A very thorough walkthrough of the Lunar game for Game Gear.

Laralla's Lunar Empire

Lords of Lunar Dedicated to the mini-game found in the making of disc accompanying Lunar: Silver Star Story .

Lucia Chan's Lunar Page

Lunar: ALA Has small text-based activity centered around exploring Lunar.

Lunar: Alex's Last Adventure Has a Lunar choose-your-own-adventure story on site.

Lunar: Clandestine Legacy * This is the web site for Renn Inoue's illustrated fanfic, Lunar: Clandestine Legacy. The site also hosts much of his other artwork as well.

Lunar Goods Archive * Archive listing of just about every Lunar product ever produced.

Lunar: Legend Guide Walkthrough for the Lunar: Legend game for Game Boy Advance.

The LUNARPG :: Golden Light

Lunar: Revelations

Rich's Lunar Page

shuushin: a tribute to mia and nash

SilverNet A source for those looking for Lunar MIDIs.

Wild Magic The website of the author of If Love Were Only Part of the Equation. Also has lots of story-related artwork.

Lunar and Anime/other RPGs

Kizyr's Anime & RPG Music Page

Lily's RPG/Anime Pics * Very cool image and sound collection of just about anything from Working Designs' RPGs.

LunarNET Newer site. Not affiliated with the LunarNet IRC network.

Naflign's Ego Lunar: Magic School resource in addition to lots of Phantasy Star news.

Phantasy Star Homepage Actually has a substantial Lunar section too.

Right Step International Multimedia center with Lunar movies and discussion forum.

The Seaside Shrine of Undine

Sephiroth's Music Mansion Has Lunar midis. Has archived copy of the old Dark Scimitar page with details on how you can get it.

Unofficial Working Designs Page

Working Designs' Page This is the official page for Working Designs.

Zophar's Inner Sanctum

Lunar IRC RPGs

A note on Lunar IRC RPGs: The numbers up to 16 have been currently used so far. So what happened to all the others since only seven are listed here? The numbers 7 and 13 were never used, the state of 12 is unknown, and the rest have been cancelled or their home pages removed for various reasons. Though their pages do not say so, Middleground and A Story Forgotten have both concluded. Magic Empire is finished as well.

Lunar IRC RPG: Middleground

Lunar IRC RPG II: Stolen from Time

Lunar IRC RPG V: Magic Empire

Lunar IRC RPG VI: A Story Forgotten

Lunar: IRC RPG VIII: A New Age

Lunar IRC RPG XIV: Salvation's Price

Lunar IRC RPG XV: Stranger Awakenings

Lunar IRC RPG XVI: Illusions of Grandeur

Lunar: A Story Forgotten II And now we stop using numerals...

Personal and Club Pages (with Lunar in them, of course)

The #Atwood Home Page

The Blue Dragon's Den

Kathie Soto's Anime Art Gallery Has fanart for one of the Lunar fanfics at the Shrine.

LCayn Drawing Page Home to some Lunar fanart in the comic section.

Mike's Web Page Lunar fanart hidden here.

Spike's Den o' Lunar

The Super Lunar 1&2 Page

Tim's Slice O' Webspace There are some very good MIDIs (both Lunar and non) that can be found here.

White Nova Shrine

The World of TrueDemons

Vintage Lunar (has not been updated since 1999)

Ai no Kori A Mia shrine.

Aragorn's LUNAR Landing Zone

The Blue Star * Dated, but still one of the best Lunar resource pages on the web for the Sega CD games.

Burg Springs

Darkblade's Lunar Page

Darren Hall's Lunar Series Web Page

Dragon016's Lunar Page

Dragonmaster Don's Lunar World

The Dragonmaster Guild

Lunar: Full Circle Page dedicated to the multi-player fan RPG.

Lunar SSSC: Crystaline Night

Lunar: The Silver Star

Lunar: The Silver Website

Nall's Cave of Lunar Stuff

Nall's Homepage of Lunar

Ramus's Page

Steve's Lunar Page

Taben's Peak

Takeru's Lunar Domain

White_Knight Leo's Ghaleon Page

Misc. Lunar

LunarNet An IRC network set up some years ago by Lunar fans. Not affiliated with the LunarNET web site.

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