When Dragonmaster Lou's Lunar ML was up I used to write a few skits of my misadventures living with three wizards in my dorm. (The wizards being Ghaleon, Kazyr, and Sadoul since I was writing Summons at the time.) Then I was talking with Blake and Jean (Jeanette in the rest of the Shrine) one night and Blake asked me if I had put Flit up yet, since I had adopted him from Blake's Flying Cat page. I said I hadn't, but would the coming Sunday. Blake said he just had a funny thought of me asking Ghaleon to babysit Flit and of the three wizards arguing over the proper way to raise a baby dragon. Well, this little skit here was inspired by that conversation. ;) And besides, I hadn't the opportunity to write these three for a long while.

Introducing The Shrine to Ghaleon's Resident Dragon

Deep in a marble temple hidden within the vastness of the void, three wizards lounge around together awaiting the announcement of important news.

Sadoul: Ever feel just a little bit neglected?

Kazyr: Not really. Rune just wrote a fanfic about me this past December.

Ghaleon: Rune's dedicated a shrine to me.

Sadoul: Well #%@& you both! I don't have anything!

A swirl of magic begins to form in the center of the chamber and rips open into an interdimensional gate. A rather plain looking human of Asian descent steps through the portal and on to the marble floor. Rune smiles and bows slightly in greeting. In Rune's arms a small reddish bundle of fur begins to stir.

Rune: Good to see you all again. We haven't assembled in a long time.

Sadoul: Yes! And speaking of which, we have to start talking about some serious neglect issues here.

Rune smiles again.

Rune: Oh, I won't be neglecting you. In fact, I have a new job for you all.

Sadoul: Oh?

The small bundle stirs again and pops up a fuzzy head with large doe eyes. It blinks slowly and tilts its head curiously to regard the three wizards.

Kazyr: A baby dragon?

Rune: Yes.

Ghaleon: What for?

Sadoul: Are we gonna steal its aura?

Rune: NO!

Rune pats the little dragon's head.

Rune: His name is Flit and I've adopted him under the name of the Shrine to Ghaleon. SO, he'll be living with the three of you.

All Three: WHAT?!

Ghaleon: Does that mean we gotta take care of him?

Kazyr: I hope he's housebroken. Er... Shrine-broken that is...

Sadoul: Why? It's not like you are!

Kazyr growls and shifts forms, blurring into white-furred werewolf. He tackles Sadoul and the two disappear into a ball of smoke.

Flit watches this and then yawns cutely.

Ghaleon bends over to inspect him. He reaches out to the little red dragon.

Ghaleon: Well I suppose taking care of him won't be too hard.

Flit's jaws close down on Ghaleon's fingers.

Ghaleon: !!!!!

Rune: O_O

Flit: :E

Ghaleon shakes his hand around but Flit wordlessly hangs on, still looking at the world with his large innocent and adorable eyes.

Rune: Flit!

The red dragon bats his webbed wings and lets go, sailing away from Ghaleon. He catches himself before crashing into a wall and hovers as he regards the mage once more.

Flit: Sowwy, mistaa, but you taste bad.

Rune: O_o

Ghaleon: O_O

Kazyr and Sadoul: $%?*^#%@#&$!!

Flit flies over and lands on Ghaleon's head. Ghaleon tilts his head back to look up and Flit leans forward to stay on top. He looks down into Ghaleon's eyes.

Flit: Eveey people should have a dwagon on theh head.

Rune: ^^; Flit can't pronounce "r"s.

Ghaleon: So I can tell. He's still got his baby teeth. If he didn't I might be missing something right now.

Sadoul: And what wizard feels the need to mark his territory?

Kazyr: It's part of shapechanging magic!

Rune smiles.

Rune: Think you can handle him?

Ghaleon: Will try!

The ball of Kazyr and Sadoul crashes to the ground.

Sadoul: Eh? So this puffball's ours?

Kazyr: Sadoul can have him. He's the Magician of Fire after all. He won't get burned while diaper changing.

The lids of Flit's eyes slant with annoyance. A red aura surrounds him.

Rune: Uh...

Rune disappears in a swirling vortex a split second before a large explosion rocks the temple.

Moments later, twitching among the scorched rubble...

Sadoul: Oi, he's gonna be trouble.

Kazyr: Finally, a pyro to match Sadoul.

Ghaleon: Dammit! Don't do that when sitting on my head!

Flit pads over to Ghaleon.

Flit: Sowwy. Can we play now?

All Three: *groan*

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