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"Come to think of it, when I was little Ghaleon used to pick flowers for me." - Mia, Lunar Legend (12/18/07-1/4/09)

"Remember this: everyone needs to find his or her true self... And very few people ever get to know that self..." - Ghaleon, Lunar Legend (8/19/07-12/18/07)

"You mean there are more weirdos like this guy? No way!" - Kyle, in reference to Myght, Lunar Legend (2/11/07-8/19/07)

"Oh, really? I always thought I was a more elegant, reserved, understated type." - Dyne, Lunar Legend (1/7/07-2/11/07)

"I will bring all humans to their knees in the name of Ghaleon, the Magic Emperor!" - Xenobia, Lunar Legend (11/26/06-1/7/07)

"I was awakened by a song with mysterious magical power..." - Cyan the Blue Dragon, Lunar Legend (10/15/06-11/26/06)

"I suppose that means you want me to build another airship?" - Myght, Lunar Legend (7/2/06-10/15/06)

"We fight because we care, because we want to leave behind a world content with itself for those we love. That is why we fight!" - Ghaleon, Summons (4/2/06-7/2/06)

"I won't be so selfish as to ask for forgiveness. But this was the only path left for the Vile Tribe." - Phacia, Lunar Legend (1/29/06-4/2/06)

"Oops." - Dyne, Confession of the Soul (1/1/06-1/29/06)

"Luna, we've always been together. Always have been, always will be..." - Alex, Lunar Legend(12/4/05-1/1/06)

"Hmm... Sounds like a job for... Super Kyle!" - Kyle, Lunar Legend (10/30/05-12/4/05)

"Remember, Nall. Spirits are undying... I shall... see you again... in the far future....." - Amelia, Red Dragon of Althena, Lunar Legend (10/9/05-10/30/05)

"Esoterica 1: Beware dark words and shortcuts!" - Nall, Lunar Legend (7/10/05-10/9/05)

"No matter. It was the same such vulgar rabble that made the magic race unwelcome in Vane in the first place. A commonplace sentiment, I see..." - Ghaleon, Confession of the Soul (4/3/05-7/10/05)

"I coulda taken out that beast myself. But thanks anyway." - Nash, Lunar Legend (2/27/05-4/3/05)

"Long ago, a certain Dragonmaster said, 'It does not take a Dragonmaster to protect something... the real power lies in each person's heart.'" - Laike, Lunar Legend (2/6/05-2/27/05)

"I never imagined that we would meet a real Dragon." - Nall, Lunar Legend (1/9/05-2/6/05)

"I'm sorry, Alex. I must stay here--for Lunar." - Luna, Lunar: Silver Star Story (12/5/04-1/9/05)

"Who needs meetings anyway? They're just a waste of time!" - Nash, Lunar Legend (11/7/04-12/5/04)

"Spend your energies to rebuild your own world instead of conquering mine. Do this remembering that you lost to an orphan, a girl who isn't even a knight yet." - Katiyana, Comrades of Serak (10/3/04-11/7/04)

"Heh heh. This balloon is really well made, right?" - Jessica, Lunar Legend (8/29/04-10/3/04)

"So history repeats... Hehe. Interesting. We shall meet again upon the birth of a new Dragonmaster..." - Quark, Lunar Legend (8/1/04-8/29/04)

"Alright! Let's leave on an adventure to make me a Hero!" - Kyle, Lunar Legend (7/4/04-8/1/04)

"The position of Dragonmaster has remained empty for 15 years--a grave problem for the world." - Nash, Lunar Legend (6/6/04-7/4/04)

"But I... I who would dare to enslave a goddess... I am the most powerful mortal Lunar has ever seen!" - Ghaleon, Summons (5/2/04-6/6/04)

"No humans are evil, eh...? O Dyne, did you throw away all your power for such thinking...?" - Ghaleon, Lunar Legend (3/28/04-5/2/04)

"I'm not a cat, stupid!" - Nall, Lunar Legend (2/29/04-3/28/04)

"I shall pledge my allegiance to the Goddess Althena and be a Dragonmaster!" - Nash, Lunar Legend (2/1/04-2/29/04)

"I shall entrust to you a future dreamt by Althena and Dyne." - Amelia the Red Dragon, Lunar Legend (1/4/04-2/1/04)

"Believe in our power, Luna. Believe in the hope for the future that you've entrusted in us!" - Alex, Lunar Legend (11/30/03-1/4/04)

"Sir... lend us that wretched old boat!" - Nash, Lunar Legend (11/16/03-11/30/03)

"A Dragonmaster would never live in a tent!" - Jessica, Lunar Legend (10/5/03-11/16/03)

"Alex! I know you like him, but it's rude to go visit Dyne for no reason." - Nall, Lunar Legend (9/14/03-10/5/03)

"Wow! So did they live happily ever after?" - Alex, The Once and Future Dragonmaster (8/3/03-9/14/03)

"We have to, Azure. With Althena gone, we're the last protectors of the Silver Star." - Onyx, The Ones Left Behind (6/29/03-8/3/03)

"What are we going to do? They have some diabolical plot afoot against our noble Mia!" - Julia, To The Rescue! (6/8/03-6/29/03)

"Once I start, I will not be able to stop. No one will be able to stand even looking at me." - Ghaleon, Ghaleon's Tears (5/4/03-6/8/03)

"Geez. I thought that when we got to Vane, it'd be full of people with ears like yours." - Dyne, speaking to Ghaleon, Confession of the Soul (3/3/03-5/4/03)

"He reminded me of myself a bit--we both have those horrible red eyes, but he doesn't bother to hide his." - Gregory, about Ghaleon, Paradoxes: Gregory's Journal (2/2/03-3/2/03)

"I acknowledge, understand, and accept the fact that I am the greatest idiot that has ever walked the world." - Ghaleon, Awakening (12/29/02-2/2/03)

"I have but one regret, and you can correct it... for the sake of true love." - Luna, Lunar: Eternal Blue (12/1/02-12/29/02)

"Eating one's hat, I believe is the custom. And while I would like to rid myself of this ridiculous hat, I'd much rather set it on fire." - Ghaleon, But Not Regret (11/10/02-12/1/02)

"I have only one wish now, and if for nothing else, second chances are for wishes." - Ghaleon, My Hatred in Me (10/6/02-11/10/02)

"They wouldn't understand. Most of humanity judges actions, not motivations." - Althena, Comrades in Arms, Volume Two: The Dogs of War (9/15/02-10/6/02)

"Hiro, why did you spare my life?" - Ghaleon, Lunar: Eternal Blue (8/4/02-9/15/02)

"This would be a lot easier if we knew what or who we were supposed to be saving Mia from." - Julia, To The Rescue! (7/14/02-8/4/02)

"Company of the Earth? It sounds like we're the Dirt Crew or something." - Blake, Decision at Talon (6/9/02-7/14/02)

"I can't let you do that, Ghaleon. I won't let someone sacrifice themselves again." - Cole, Lunar: Tides of Time (5/5/02-6/9/02)

"Just 'prayer'. The hopes and wishes of a heart--that's all." - Ghaleon, Confession of the Soul (4/7/02-5/5/02)

"For some strange reason, he felt a compelling urge to purchase a sword, even though he had no idea what he would do with one." - Narrator, Lunar: Return to the Blue Star (3/3/02-4/7/02)

"You're babbling again. Get to the point or get out of my dreams." - Luna, Awakening (2/3/02-3/3/02)

"For you see, I am a student of knowledge--past, present, and future." - Royce, Lunar: Silver Star Story (1/6/02-2/3/02)

"I knew you would never abandon me to evil, Alex." - Luna, Lunar: Silver Star Story (12/16/01-1/6/02)

"I don't think she had you brought to the Blue Star, just so she could tell you a joke, Quinn." - Nina, The Pain of One (11/4/01-12/16/01)

"I am an emperor without an empire. My land is dead, taken first as the Star Dragon promised." - Jeal, Summons (10/7/01-11/4/01)

"My friends, you are the first adventurers to visit me in a long time." - Quark, Lunar: Silver Star Story (9/2/01-10/7/01)

"And, in a last ditch effort to get rid of SLOWLY decending rock, which would gently touch down sometime next year, the Earth builds up a massive loogie to dispell the giant boulder." - Hiro, Mystery Science Theater, Blue Star (7/29/01-9/2/01)

"Kyle had himself another night of wine, women, and song. Just between you and me I think I had a little too much of the wine, but the women didn't complain!" - Kyle, Lunar: Silver Star Story (7/1/01-7/29/01)

"What does it feel like to know that you are about to die and are powerless to stop it from happening?" - Yasuo, A Tear in Time (6/10/01-7/1/01)

"I'm a level three apprentice from the famous magic city of Vane that floats around the Goddess Tower." - Nash, Lunar: Silver Star Story (5/13/01-6/10/01)

"Hiro, wipe the sorrow from your brow. Even though I must again die there is no regret in my heart." - Ghaleon, Lunar: Eternal Blue (4/1/01-5/13/01)

"We seem to have guests. But I welcome those pursuing knowledge, as always." - Royce, Lunar: Silver Star Story (3/4/01-4/1/01)

"Mhaiera is a very, very odd woman. As well, she makes me look normal, happy, and well-adjusted." - Ghaleon, Awakening (2/11/01-3/4/01)

"Oh, man, there's nothing but words in it..." - Dyne, Confession of the Soul (12/31/00-2/11/01)

"We will always be together, in the past, the present, and the future as well." - Alex, to Luna, Lunar: Silver Star Story (12/3/00-12/31/00)

"Uh, can you give me a few seconds for my heart to start beating again?" - Nall, Just Like Old Times (10/29/00-12/3/00)

"I once thought to visit the city whose life I nearly destroyed. But I know better now. My place is no longer here." -Ghaleon, Summons (10/1/00-10/29/00)

"I won't go wandering the boat, I won't be seen with my friend the bucket. And disposing of its contents will prove a problem, as well... Ah, I'll solve that when I need to." - Ghaleon, But Not Regret (9/17/00-10/1/00)

"Is that what you want to become, Mia? Do you want to follow in Ghaleon's footsteps? Become a monster like him?" - Lemia, Following the Shadows (8/6/00-9/17/00)

"You must never forget what you are about to hear." - Nall, Lunar: Eternal Blue (7/2/00-8/6/00)

"The future will hold tremendous things for her... Zophar won't be pleased if he knew that." - Ghaleon, Lucia's Realization (6/4/00-7/2/00)

"Yeah! Let's rid Lunar of yet another crazed psychopath!!" - Tsadde, The Calling of Ayin (5/7/00-6/4/00)

"Why have you done this? What is it that you can see that I cannot?" - Ghaleon, Lunar: Silver Star Story (4/9/00-5/7/00)

"I'll defeat him with the power of coot!" - Blake, Decision at Talon (3/12/00-4/9/00)

"Thank you Althena, your forgiveness is the only peace I'll ever need." - Ghaleon, Diary of a Fallen Hero (2/6/00-3/12/00)

"Well, it could be worse, I could have kidnapped his girlfriend..." - Magic Emperor Ghaleon, Lunar: Return to the Blue Star (1/2/00-2/6/00)

"Although I was known as the Goddess Althena, I am now Luna, and I shall remain so. I have chosen happiness and love as a human. A mortal." - Luna, Lunar: Eternal Blue (12/5/99-1/2/00)

"With belief comes doubt. Knowledge is absolute." - Mhaiera, Awakening (10/31/99-12/5/99)

"You can help defeat a demigod, but for the life of you, you still can't keep your balance in this place." - Dyne, speaking to Ghaleon, Memories (10/3/99-10/31/99)

"Holy cow, chief! What the hell is that thing?" - Ronfar, Lunar: Eternal Blue (9/5/99-10/3/99)

"You want to know why I fight? Why I seek to win despite the odds? Why I don't care if my enemy is a creator of gods? Because I am mortal and I can die." - Ghaleon, Summons (8/1/99-9/5/99)

"Well, that was a good five minutes of my life, I'll never get back." - Lemina, Mystery Science Theater, Blue Star (7/4/99-8/1/99)

"I've waited for this day for so long! ... The day that my promise to Luna is finally fulfilled." - Nall, Lunar: Eternal Blue (6/6/99-7/4/99)

"I now await the time of the final Dragonmaster, to claim my sword. I await the time when I will finally be able to sleep the eternal sleep." - Galax, Star Dragon, the Legacy (5/2/99-6/6/99)

"Welcome to the Magic Guild of Vane, Alex of Burg. I am Ghaleon, premier of the guild." - Ghaleon, Lunar: The Silver Star (4/4/99-5/2/99)

"Pooh! This is a fine fix. Now the junior premier of the Vane Magic Guild doesn't even have any magic!" - Lemina, Lunar: Eternal Blue (3/7/99-4/4/99)

"Are you prepared to bear the blood of an entire world for this girl you love?" - Ghaleon, Lunar: Eternal Blue (2/7/99-3/7/99)

"I want to see that this love between people is never lost again. And perhaps one day, there will be no need for tears." - Mia, Heir to the Guild (1/10/99-2/7/99)

"For me... and for love... The way is open to you." - Luna, Lunar: Eternal Blue (12/6/98-1/10/99)

"No, man was created for one reason, and one reason only. Man was created to die... We have no specific reason for being. Therefore, we must take this meaningless thing we call life, and do with it the most that we can." - Nevanyk, Chasm of Darkness (11/1/98-12/6/98)

"I am never truly dead as long as you enjoy what this world has to offer. Every time you share a tender moment, or hear a song, or watch a rainbow, I will be there sharing it with you." - Azura, Reawakening (10/4/98-11/1/98)

"Hello, Alex. You're late again. <giggle> Did Ramus ever find you? He seemed really anxious to track you down." - Luna, Lunar: The Silver Star (8/30/98-10/4/98)

"Well, these cabbage bombs of Beri's may be just what we need to clear us a path." - Reela K'Dor, Decision at Talon (8/2/98-8/30/98)

"Waaaa!! A DRAGONMISTRESS?!?! How come it's a girl!?! It's no fair!!! Luna had Alex!! Mom got Hiro!!! There's no Dragonmaster for me!!!!!!" - Lumiya, The Calling of Ayin (6/28/98-8/2/98)

"We have brought love to this hall of death and slain it. Love truly does break the heart. Is it a weakness?" - Kazyr, Summons (5/31/98-6/28/98)

"Very impressive, Alex. You just killed the only remaining means of becoming a Dragonmaster. Hahahahaha... You're making this way too easy!" - Ghaleon, Lunar: The Silver Star (5/3/98-5/31/98)

"Reinforcements? What do you mean? Where the hell are we supposed to find reinforcements crazy enough to go against that thing?" - Lou, Lunar: Return to the Blue Star (4/5/98-5/3/98)

"This world has done nothing but take from me my whole life! It's time I take back! Farewell... forever." - Blake, Insanity (3/8/98-4/5/98)

"Oh give me a break! How many times can this guy be resurrected!?" - Ruby, in reference to Ghaleon, Lunar: Tides of Time (2/8/98-3/8/98)

"Call on your power of humanity--if it even exists." - Ghaleon, Lunar: Eternal Blue (1/11/98-2/8/98)

"Alex? It's really you! I was... trapped in a terrible nightmare. It was dark and I was so cold and alone. But I never doubted you would come and rescue me, not even for a minute. Oh Alex... Alex." - Luna, Lunar: The Silver Star (12/21/97-1/11/98)

"Fight hard Hiro. Believe in your friends. The final test lies before sh**!" - outtake of John Truitt, voice of Ghaleon, Lunar: Eternal Blue (11/2/97-12/21/97)

"Ha! Looks like the only power they wield is the power to fade away and die on a moment's notice." - Ghaleon, Lunar: Eternal Blue (10/5/97-11/2/97)

"The power of Althena--will destroy our world?" - Hiro, Lunar: Eternal Blue (8/31/97-10/5/97)

"I have tried to atone for my sins of the past in helping you." - Ghaleon, Lunar: Eternal Blue (7/28/97-8/31/97)

"Your endless resolve never ceases to amaze me. When it appears to be the darkest and most hopeless hour, you pull together and fight towards the light." - Ghaleon, Lunar: Eternal Blue (6/29/97-7/28/97)

"At this point you are neither Dragonmaster nor she a goddess, but two souls reaching through the darkness to find solace in each other." - Dragon Angel, Lunar: The Silver Star (6/10/97-6/29/97)

"Desperate times call for desperate measures." - Ghaleon, from the fanfic of the same name (5/27/97-6/10/97)

"It's a million to one longshot. Only a mental midget would take it. But hey, I've been called much worse." - Ronfar, Lunar: Eternal Blue (4/27/97-5/27/97)

"Ghaleon! What are you doing?! Nooooooo!" - Alex, Lunar: The Silver Star (4/6/97-4/27/97)

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