Lunar Poetry by Demos


Falling fast unto the earth
shadows filled the sky.
Heros come as evil calls
Lunar's fate is theirs to decide.

Battle hardened, love regained
Friendships for eternity.
Death becomes the enemy
the hero must resist.
And though his friends are by his side,
the shadows still admist.

For love and Lunar he steps forth
For friendship he will fight.
But in the end all that remains
is the shadows' light.

Peace Unto the land the hero steps
evil he defeats.
And through his efforts
legends made
for peace is his to keep.

A hero from his birth
until his friends demise.
Ghaleon changed upon that day.

Hatred sprang up from his heart
for one he'd loved so dear.
The goddess turned her back on him
is how it had appeared.

He dealt his sorrow into evil
a Magic Emperor was born.
Vile Tribe took advantage of the hero's blackened heart
Though defeated once, he was not through
He brought his evil true.
A demonic form became him
and beaten yet again he was.

A thousand years time ticked by
his hatred vanished in the time.
A new evil shall arise
another hero to accept his challenge.

Ghaleon sided with the dark one
though true and good he was.
he led the hero on until
the fateful battle came.
He left his guard down
he fought for nothing.
he allowed himself defeat.

Upon his dying words
a smile crossed his lips.
Live on great Ghaleon
Your legend will never be missed.

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