Lunar Poetry by Saga Dreamcaster

Don't be fooled, I am still evil...

Ah, I still exist... what marvel is this?
The boy, yes. He and the others of his band
Slew me when my prize was within reach
I faded, not through my command but by Fate

Yes, even I acknowledge that. I am no fool.

And yet, here I stand gazing at the stars
That are pinned to the dark fabric of the Cosmos
I feel the coolness of the floors of the Grindery
And I feel a warmth draw through my very being

I am home...

The boy did not consign me to the cold embrace of Death,
But instead granted me a second chance...
What is this you say? You suggest that I turn from my evil ways?
What is evil but a matter of perspective

And what is perspective but a mere tangent -
An equation in the infinite riddles of the universe?

Come, we are rational Beings - I being more rational than you of course
Let us parley before I begin the Dance once again
You wish to know me? Are you sure?
Could you look into me and know my motives? Surely not.

Even I do not know what drives me -
but you did not hear that I assure you.

Listen to that - ah, I have not lost my touch...
Think it strange that one of my intellect
Should play upon such an instrument?
I can do what I wish - I have cared nothing for opinion

In chaos there is freedom...

Yes I do smile on occasion
When the mood suits me
Handsome I know I am
It has proved useful in the past...

And shall in the future...

Which brings you to mind...
What is your purpose?
What value are you to me?
Everything has a price.

A king, a slave, a throne...

Are you willing to serve me
In any way, for as long as I see fit?
Of course you are. You're here are you not?
Deny it. Yes, that is expected.

But time is on my side and you cannot resist my call...

I do not wish for admiration or applause.
Respect and obedience, yes.
Power? Such a crass word.
No, I seek more than that.

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