Lunar Poetry by Sharon Floyd

A Fight For The Silver Star

Long ago in days of old,
a hero could be seen.
Althena's sword held in his hand,
his eyes a brilliant green.

His one true love Lunar,
had been quickly snatched away.
He must set out to free her,
and make old Ghaleon pay.

Within the iron tower,
are heard her screams of misery.
Lunar cries out to him,
please come back to me.

Now with his friends beside him,
to aide him in his quest.
They travel through the dragon's caves,
unvieling all the chests.

With the final piece upon his head,
they walk into the night.
A satchel full of healing herbs,
and tons of silver light.

Now as they stand before him,
great evil in the air.
Young alex's true love for her,
surpasses all the fear.

They've come this far, they can't turn back,
they have to win this fight.
Ghaleon storms full force ahead,
but Alex holds the light.

He is no match to beat this team,
how strong they've come to be.
Now that Ghaleon's gone for good,
sweet Lunar will be free.

Alex strums upon his harp,
and plays their favorite song.
Lunar falls into his arms,
she's where she now belongs.

As Alex looks into her eyes,
his heart now beating faster.
A valliant hero he's become,
the future dragon master.

Now all is peaceful in their town,
nothing much to do.
But can they keep the evil out,
and skies Eternal Blue?

Return To Lunar

Imprisoned in a crystal,
that lies deep within the tower.
Waits a women named Lucia,
who was blessed to hold the power.

While seeking the destroyer,
Hiro's thrown into this tale.
With a women who pleads for peace,
a quest she can not fail.

How can he just turn his back,
and leave her standing there.
Grampa Gwyn had brought him up,
to always see what's fair.

I'll fight with you Lucia,
to conquer Zophar's wrath.
Ther's no-one who can stop us,
though they'll try to block our path.

They hid thenselves from Leo,
till they had proof that they were right.
Althena would never beckon darkness,
for she cherished all the light.

Ronfar, Jean, and Lemina,
would soon join this fearless team.
And Ruby Hiro's life long friend,
would fulfill her destined dream.

Before the final fight took place,
they'd all stock up in Vane.
Where Ghaleon waits for their return,
to stop what time remains.

He of all should know the cost
of defeat they hold within.
Alex lives in Hiro's heart,
there's no way he could win.

He bids them all farewell and luck,
as he watches from the shore.
Mighty Zophar has no idea,
of what humanity has in store.

Lucia's trapped in Zophar's spell,
as she watches from above.
It's then she finally realizes,
the one true power..Love.

Now that Zophar's been destroyed,
to the blue star she must return.
Hiro can not let this be,
her love is what he's yearned.

He tapped upon the crystal shard,
which opened up her eyes.
And brought her back to be with him,
to enjoy Eternal Bluest Skies.

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