The Ghaleon Sound Shrine

Most of Ghaleon's spoken words in TSS can be found here. They were donated by Blake so if you wish to use them on your web page I suggest you contact him. All of Ghaleon's lines from EB are here and I was the one who edited them to remove most of the other characters' lines. I also have posted Ghaleon's EB music themes and a compiled wav of John Truitt's Ghaleon outtakes I spliced together. Outtakes from SSS and EBC have been supplied by Stig H. Cole submited a mod of the Omni Zophar theme (Winamp can play it if you don't already have a mod player). Zipped files can be opened with Winzip.

TSS Ghaleon Dialogue

"Welcome to the Magic Guild of Vane." - download (21 k)

"I'll soon rule the world, first you have to die!" - download (53 k)

"Now that that's taken care of..." - download (121 k)

"Very impressive." - download (19 k)

"You just killed the only remaining means of becoming a Dragonmaster." - download (64 k)

"You're making this way too easy." - download (28 k)

"Now the goddess is completely unprotected..." - download (92 k)

"Now Goddess Althena, heed my command..." - download (107 k)

"So little Alex became a Dragonmaster..." - download (75 k)

"Face it. You don't stand a chance Dragonboy." - download (59 k)

"I'm not finished with you yet." - download (22 k)

"You'll never make it out of here alive Dragonboy." - download (99 k)

"Cower in fear as I demonstrate my true power!" - download (102 k)

Ghaleon laughing (in his demon dog form) - download (49 k)

Zip of all TSS Ghaleon wavs - download (559 k)

EB Ghaleon Dialogue

"That was a record of my best work." - download (144k)

"Fortunately I now have a chance to surpass it..." - download (298 k)

"Oh, where are my manners? Let me introduce myself..." - download (780 k)

"Welcome to Pentaguila..." - download (255 k)

"Don't you realize that Zophar's only ambition is to take revenge on Althena?" - download (578 k)

"You are delirious. Your power's been drained..." - download (736 k)

"Don't worry. I doubt that your precious Hiro..." - download (328 k)

"Zophar!" - download (23 k)

"Yes, Zophar, but I'm certain that Lucia will try to..." - download (119 k)

"My, my, my. You've been busy little beavers..." - download (465 k)

"My, my! Looks like the hero doesn't pass muster..." - download (200 k)

"Ha! Frankly I'm a bit disppointed that you didn't put up a better fight..." - download (316 k)

"It amazes me that they thought they ever had a chance at all..." - download (236 k)

"Your endless speeches are entertaining..." - download (210 k)

"Now ending your miserable existence will be even sweeter..." - download (230 k)

Ghaleon's scream when defeated - download (52 k)

"Hiro, why did you spare my life?" - download (866 k)

"This reprieve from death from was not an accident..." - download (771 k)

"Your endless resolve never ceases to amaze me..." - download (416 k)

"Are you watching in secret, Dyne?" - download (622 k)

Zip of all EB Ghaleon wavs - download (4988 k)


Ghaleon Theme 1 - download (991 k)

Ghaleon Theme 2 - download (1103 k)


John Truitt Outtakes from Eternal Blue - download (1093 k)

John Truitt Outtakes from Silver Star Story - download (3337 k)

John Truitt Outtakes from Eternal Blue Complete * - download (1879 k)

Omni Zophar mod (zipped) - download (106 k)

* Note: The Eternal Blue Complete outtake file includes only the outtakes exclusive to EBC. Five of the outtakes at the end of EBC are originally from the Sega CD version of Eternal Blue. To get those, download the Eternal Blue outtakes as well.

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