Lunar: The Silver Star Timeline

Magic EmperorThe years are based off the date given in Ghaleon's journal in Lunar: The Silver Star, which is '34. Ruid was constructed ten years before the events of TSS , and hence the fight with the black dragon must have been even earlier. A good deal of this is probably speculation, which was aided by the extensive work I've done with my fanfics. So this is the order I'm guessing the events before TSS came to pass. This is also the outline I use for my fanfic universe. SSS is not incorporated in this timeline as the TSS and SSS storylines are vastly different from each other in several crucial places.

Birthdates for Alex and his companions come from the information provided in the L:TSS hintbook.

'?? -Events of Ghost of Caldor Isle take place.

'16 -Kyle is born.

'17 -Nash and Ramus are born, Dyne becomes Dragonmaster, and Ghaleon, Dyne, Mel, and Lemia become the Four Heroes. This timeline assumes that Ghaleon is "16", Dyne is 26, Mel is 32, and Lemia is 16 at the time of their quest. Ghaleon's age is marked in quotes due to the fact that no one really knows for certain how long Lunar's elves live or how fast they age, assuming that Ghaleon even is an elf!

'18 -Jessica and Mia are born.

'19 -Alex is born. Luna is "born". Luna and Nall are given to Alex's father. Ghaleon and Dyne leave to fight the black dragon.

'21 -Ghaleon becomes the premier of Vane at the age of "20".

'23 -The majority of events in Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures take place. Lemia becomes Guildmaster of Vane at the age of 22.

'24 -Ghaleon founds Ruid.

'34 -The events of Lunar: The Silver Star occur. Crossing the Rubicon , Memories , and An Ending take place in this year. Alex and Luna are 15, Mia and Jessica 16, Nash is 17, and Kyle 18. Dyne is 43, Ghaleon "33", Lemia 33, and Mel 49.

'39 -Heir to the Guild takes place.

'?? -Nash's memoirs excerpted in Betrayal's Lesson .

Errata: If one goes by this timeline, I've made a minor mistake in Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures . Dyne would have died four years before the majority of the storyline, not five.

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