Celebrate the Holidays Lunar Style!

Christmas LunaHello everyone! This is the Shrine to Ghaleon's special holiday section, only available from December through the first weekend in January. Here we have special fanfics and songs written by Lunar fans at the Shrine to Ghaleon. Though the current stuff is solely Christmas based, anything celebrated in December is welcome to join the crowd. ^_^

Lunar Christmas Carols by Various Authors

A Lunar Carol by Mira Salyer and Eva-14

A Lunar: Eternal Blue Christmas Carol by Guildmaster Razor and Mahokote

Twas the Night Before Christmas - A Lunar Twist by Tenko-chan

Twas The Week Before X-mas by Anon Mous

X-mas at the Shrine to Ghaleon by Zero
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

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