What's an IRC RPG?

In an IRC RPG is basically like a pen and paper RPG (AD&D, Mutant Chronicles, Shadowrun, etc.) except that it is played over IRC. What's IRC? It's basically a way to chat in real time with other people on the internet. I won't go into more than that or I'll wind up off topic.

Anyway, I've played in IRC RPGs since late '96 and I hope to continue to do so for a while to come. There used to be a burst of them cropping up (especially Lunar based ones), but things have slowed down since then. I think it's because all the people capable of being GMs are already running games or are taking breaks having finished one.

This page really serves no purpose except to say which games I've participated in, so without further ado, here they are:

IRC RPGs I've played in

Desra RPG as Windsinger
Earthdawn RPG as N'cala
Lunar: Stolen from Time (take two) as Rowan
Lunar IRC RPG III as Eule
Lunar: A Story Forgotten as Zigfried
Lunar: A Story Forgotten II as Jan
Vay IRC RPG (the original one) as Derrick/Jeal

IRC RPGs I've guested on

Dragon Force IRC RPG as Gaul and Isis
Lunar: Doomsday's End as Noah
Lunar: Stranger Awakenings as Ghaleon
Project Apocolypse as Theran

IRC RPGs I've GMed

Lunar: Magic Empire
Phantasy Star: Full Circle (co-GMed)

* these are still playing

As you can see, I've been in quite a of them, especially for not playing any of them simultaneously. (I really don't like it when people try playing in multiple RPGs at the same time of day.) ^_^ There was one point where I actually had four in one weekend, which was needless to say, insane. But many of the games got canceled or were dragged to a conclusion by their heels.

My main complaint about all this gaming is that I'm now a lot more discriminating about what games I'll join. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but it narrows down my range of options. I really like the RPG experience, but at the same time, I've met people who I'd rather not play with again. Over all though, it's been a positive experience.

Last adjustments were February 1, 2004