Places to Go

Since this isn't really any place I'm sure people what to hang out, things may change here haphazardly and without notice. Anyway, here are various links and stuff.

My Friends' Sites

Chad's Page

Dragonmaster Lou's Page

Elementalor Iceberg On-line

The Grue's Lair

Jean's Art Page

Phule's Weirdness

The Sea of Holes

Shadow Realms

Wyvern's Hoard

Writing Related Links

Mary Soon Lee's Speculative Fiction Page

Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America


Spicy Green Iguana

Stef's and Paula's List of Speculative Fiction Markets

Submitting to the Black Hole

Write Market

Fanfiction Related Links

Fanfiction Paradise

Galaxy Garrison Mission Archives

~ Rainy * Night ~

Shack's Fanfic Clearinghouse

The Videogame Arcana

Voltron - The Stone of Dark Dreams

Anime/Manga Links

3x3 Eyes Digest

Anime Turnpike

Aya no Weiß Kreuz Corner

Rurouni Kenshin Archive

Rurouni Kenshin Shrine

Video Game Links

Capowski's RPG-Related Translation Junk Drawer

Chockboard's Suikoden Page

Dragonflight the Computer Game

Gamasutra: The Art & Science of Making Games

Gaming Intelligence Agency

Lagi - A Panzer Dragoon Page

Renovation Products Fanpage


World of Shin Megami Tensei

Zany Video Game Quotes

Zillion Shrine