The Restoration Saga

Hugh, Kain, and Lore

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people have survived the fall of Mother Brain since February 2, 1999.

Hello and welcome to the companion page for Restoration and its related stories, which can be found at Maxx's Phantasy Star Pages. Within this site you will find a plethora of excess info from and about the in-progress novel length Phantasy Star fanfic. Due to the scope of Restoration I decided to set up this page to aid readers. None of the stories have been posted here yet, though I plan to do so when Restoration is complete. If you are familiar with my main web site, the Shrine to Ghaleon, you are probably aware of how much work goes into maintaining it, so it is difficult enough running this smaller site alongside it.

Timeline - Restoration will cover an incredible amount of time, quite likely more than any single fanfic has dared to attempt. I originally designed this timeline solely to keep my own events straight, but now that the fanfic is getting to the point where readers are needing to refer back to previous passages, I've decided to post this. It also contains information documented in related stories. The timeline will likely lag a few chapters behind my writing and will only be updated when major jumps in time have been taken. Needless to say, the timeline may also contain spoilers for those who have not read most of the available material.

Character Bios - Small bios of most of the characters introduced in the Restoration saga. Barring the main characters, existing Phantasy Star characters will only be listed here if there is a significant addition to the information presented about them from the games. Bios will likely not be updated once posted with the exception of adding new characters.

Artwork - Yes, I'm something of an artist as well as an author. While my artwork is passable (barely in some cases) I don't spend too much time practicing it since I usually can only work when the inspiration hits me. Anyway, this link will take you to a few pics of Hugh, Lore, and Kain.

Palman Cultural Notes - Fundamentally Palmans are humans like the Terrans of Earth. They physically look like us (well, 'cept they're drawn in anime style and get weird hair colors), they appear to age like us, and also seem to possess the same sort of feelings as us. But despite that they developed in a star system quite unlike and distant from Earth's, and thus they have different holidays, customs, and even food from us.

Relevant Stories - While all my Phantasy Star stories will tie into a central timeline, certain fanfics better connect with the ideals and events portrayed in Restoration . These stories are considered side stories to the main novel, but stand well enough on their own. This page provides a little information about them as well as links to them.

Useless Trivia (Misc. Info) - Queer facts about some of the events, objects, etc. portrayed on Restoration. Also has my "theme songs" for characters and events.

Phantasy Star Collection Pics - Okay, this is not Restoration related, but hey, I gotta drag visitors here somehow. ^_- I own Phantasy Star Collection, the Japanese compilation of PS1-4, AND I have a means of video capture. For those of you who can't own your own copy of this wonderful piece of work, I have made captures of all the PS1-3 pics in PSC's illustration gallery. PS4 has a ton of pics (well over a hundred) so it's gonna take me a lot longer to get them up.

Phantasy Star Links - Places to go, people to see, all Phantasy Star-related. And you can see where I got my cool counter. ;)

So who is this Rune Lai anyway? - Behold the fanfic writing maniac behind the madness. Read about what I am in life and discover the many stories I've written outside of Phantasy Star. The subjects some of the fanfics are based off of may surprise you!

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