Restoration Quickie Character Profiles

Note: To read these bios I suggest having read Restoration at least up to chapter 13, though even then surprises may crop up as the stories evolve. The information in here is meant as reference material and may spoil characters and events for those who have not gotten far enough into the series. All supporting characters are listed regardless of when in Restoration they show, but their bios are minimal.

Central Three Characters

Hugh Thompson - Age 19 at the start of Phantasy Star 2. The only child of average parents, he proved to be brilliant even at a very young age, graduating from the Palman equivalent of high school by the age of 11 and earning his doctorate by the age of 16 from the Kueri University. Almost immediately afterward he was hired by the Biosystems Lab. While working there he created Neifirst and inadverdantly Nei from an experiment with his own DNA. He joined Rolf's expedition out of a sense of idealism, unaware of how great his emotional downfall would be. Birthdate is June 14, AW1264. Height is 175cm (5'9"). His astrological sign is Gemini.*

Joshua Kain - Age 20 at the start of Phantasy Star 2. Kain's parents drifted from city to city when he was younger, never remaining in one area long enough for him to really make any friends. He moved out at his first opportunity and was fascinated by computers and anything mechanical. After a concentrated study in a trade school and a lot of tinkering on his free time, Kain knew most systems inside out. Initially he was better at breaking things than fixing them, but after his journey with Rolf he gave himself a new outlook on his skills and decided to join Hugh in trying to rebuild Mota. Birthdate is December 9, AW1263. Height is 180cm (5'11"). His astrological sign is Sagittarius.*

Lore Drakon - Age 19 at the start of Phantasy Star 2. Born in Camineet on Palm, her family moved to Nesha, a small suburb of Kueri on Mota when she was five years old. Lore was adept in her studies, graduating with high marks from nearly every class. She did not skip any grades like Hugh (she was smart, not genius), but her ability allowed her to enroll part time as a gifted student at Kueri University while still a secondary school student. It was there while taking a lower division biology class that she met Hugh. Since graduating from the university she has become a historian with a concentration in the studies of Alis's time. Birthdate is March 21, AW1265. Height is 172cm (5'8"). Her astrological sign is Aries.*

Some of the Supporting Characters

Cassandra "Cass" Delanee - Age 21 at the start of Phantasy Star 2. Works in the library at Paseo and assists Lore her preservation of history. (No, she's not the librarian you see when you go there in the game.)

Dana (Ra Mira) Mahlay - Age 22 at the start of Phantasy Star 2. College friend of Hugh and Lore. Shows up to aid in the administration of the new Biolab. Married to Kenneth Mahlay.

David Campbell - Age 22 at the start of Phantasy Star 2. Artificial speech and cognition programmer called in to aid Kain's android production.

Gillian Dawson - Age 23 at the start of Phantasy Star 2. In AW1285 he is the first Councillor to be appointed since the demise of Mother Brain. He is unusually young for his position, but has five years' worth of political experience behind him.

Jade Kornor - Age 18 at the start of Phantasy Star 2. Never did anything back on Palm since she didn't have to. Since her worldship landed on Dezo she had become the lead trainer for Kepfall's sky tiara wings.

Kenneth Mahlay - Age 23 at the start of Phantasy Star 2. College friend of Hugh and Lore. An adept inventor as well as a scientist, he is best known for his work in creating the maruera gum that allows a person to breathe underwater. Married to Dana Mahlay.

Sharon Monolly - Age 20 at the start of Phantasy Star 2. Exceeding energetic robotics specialist. She is nearly always in a good mood and often displays a total lack of seriousness appropriate for her duty.

* Why are there astrological signs listed?

Obviously if Algo has a zodiac it is very different from the one on Earth, but because of the AW year's connection with the Gregorian calender I thought it may be appropriate to include the astrological signs of Hugh, Kain, and Lore. As with most people, they aren't the most perfect incarnations of their signs (and in many cases clash quite badly), but some things do hold. And who knows, they may even have an influence on what is yet to come.

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