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Anyone is free to link to the Restoration Saga, and if you link to me from your Phantasy Star page I would be more than happy to add your site to the list of links here. Also, if you're into banners, you can pick up an animated one for the Restoration Saga here.

Neilast is one of the premiere Phantasy Star fanfic authors and this is her site. If fanfics are your thing (If they're not what are you doing at my site? Oh, the PSC pics.) then I recommend checking out her work.

Formerly known as Mike Ripplinger's Phantasy Star Dream Cast, there's a lot more than that here such as theories, the Dezorian language dictionary (which I inadverdantly contributed a word too ^_^), and a very entertaining poll that changes every few weeks.

Though a very new site, this one is proving to be a formidable force in Phantasy Star fandom. The webmaster is a pretty good author too!

Part of the infamous Phantasy Star Pages. I hang out here rather frequently. Even if I'm not posting at the time, I'm usually lurking.

- A cool web site run by my friend, the Profound Darkness. :) Don't worry, he's not as evil as his name sounds.

Naflign's Ego - One of the best resources for Phantasy Star fan news. :) Naflign's also king of fan-made Phantasy Star games.

Phantasy Star Compendium Translation - Rebecca Capowski's translation of the Japanese Phantasy Star fanbook. It's a must read for a Phantasy Star fan even if you don't have the book itself!

The Phantasy Star Pages - Yes, it's already been linked, but one more time for good measure. :) You can't miss this place.

Phantasy Star Webpage Counter - Where I got my awesome counter. :)

Zio's Guide to Phantasy Star IV - This is a rather happy looking site for a guy using the name Zio. ^^;

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