Phantasy Star Collection Image Gallery

Phantasy Star Collection for the Sega Saturn has an image gallery consisting of much of the artwork done for the Phantasy Star series, this includes box covers, conceptual sketches, and much more. Many of these pictures are not in the much sought after Phantasy Star Compendium Book. And to my knowledge, many of these pictures are on no other Phantasy Star site. (At least they won't be until someone takes it into their head to grab them for their own site.)

Someday in the future I may decide to make thumbnails for all my pics, but I don't really have the time, and the pictures are kinda small anyway. I know there's better video capture stuff out there now that would let me get bigger pics (the equipment I used is several years old already), but hey, I'm an impoverished college student. I can't afford all that. I'm sure most of you reading this know the feeling. ;) Besides, look at it this way, if you like the pics enough to want to see them in bigger sizes, go and buy the CD.

Yes, there is some undecipherable data on the PS1 and PS3 character sheets. The stuff any English-speaking fan would be able to make out would be the name, birthday, and height. The rest of it is all in Japanese. Maybe someday soon I'll get around to posting some of the personal data, but not right now. If you're really lucky I'll even try translating the Japanese text and post that too. A lot of the PS4 pics have Japanese data too, but there's just so much of it I don't think this I'll ever get around to translating those.

Phantasy Star 1 Screen Captures

Phantasy Star 2 Screen Captures

Phantasy Star 3 Screen Captures

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