All the drawings here were first sketched in pencil, cleaned up, and then outlined with black ink. They were then scanned and finally colored via the computer. (I believe this is what all the Japanese fan sites mean by CG art ^^;) Now that I have access to Paint Shop Pro and it handles most of what I need, it looks like I'm back in business. New and much cooler looking stuff than my earlier work will become available as I complete them. But for now enjoy the lovely piece of pseudo-cel art with Hugh, Lore, and Kain posed in front of Mother Brain.

Click on the thumbnails if you'd like to see the larger image. And if you actually like them, drop me a line. ^_-

Here's a reason why you should never let Hugh shop for his own clothes... (No... don't ask what I was thinking when I chose those colors. It all looked good in my head beforehand.) This pic was based off of one of Hugh's settei for the Phantasy Star 2 text adventures.
An old Lore pic. It's supposed to be Lore but nothing turned out like the way I wanted it to (except the basic colors, which were easy to do) so I consider it a prototype.
Kain on vacation... sorta. For some reason I was possessed to give him nice thick snowlaces, which were very annoying to ink after doing them in pencil.
The first pic of Lore (though also a prototype) that I thought I could be satisfied with (though she still did not look like she was supposed to). I loved doing the sword handle. ^_^ Even though her left hand turned out awfully big.
There's a story behind this one. Basically it had to do with the fact I hadn't played PS2 (it hadn't even been released in the US yet) before creating a scenario around Hugh. I guess it shows how much I was anticipating the game if I could start making up stories about a character I barely knew about. Since Alis and Odin used swords I figured why wouldn't most of the PS2 characters use them too.
This pic was inspired by Fatherhood . Hugh and Nei never really got close in my story, so I thought this would be a nice picture to draw.
I had been wanting to do a group picture of Hugh, Kain, and Lore for a long time (and Lore finally looks right!), and as luck would have it, during spring finals of '98 the inspiration hit me. It took me five or six days of on and off work in the midst of studying and packing to do this, but I needed to finish before I lost access to the university scanners and their copies of Photoshop. This pic is somewhat inspired by chapter 18 of Restoration, and considering how madly it was put together it turned out pretty cool, eh? ^_^
Finishing this piece has got to have been one of the longest projects I have ever done. I inked it back in October of '98 (this writing is Sep '99), but bereft of Photoshop and frustrated with Photodeluxe, I couldn't color it to my satisfaction until recently with Paint Shop Pro. (Believe me, I really needed the ability to manipulate layers for this one.) After looking at the finished product, I was really tempted to go to Kinko's and make a poster out of it. Or maybe a t-shirt at someplace.
I worked on this during the winter holidays of '99 but didn't finish until halfway into January. It mostly done to promote the University Blues fanfic I completed at the end of December. I wanted to show it off to much I delayed releasing the fanfic until I completed it. ^_^ Well, almost. I still don't regard this version as "complete", but I really don't feel like working on it any longer.

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