Stories Related to Restoration

Restoration is naturally the flagship title from which my site and timeline derive their names, but there are assorted short stories that are or will be associated with it. This page briefly mentions those stories, and if necessary, suggests how far you should have read into Restoration before reading them. Note that these are only my suggestions for when the stories should be read. They are not hard and fast in what knowledge the reader will need to know before reading them. I try to write everything so that no prior reading is necessary, so these guidelines are more for potential spoilers in the main Restoration storyline than anything else.

Stories are listed in the order they were written.

Fatherhood - Hugh learns a painful lesson from the creation of Nei/Neifirst. Recommend reading up to chapter 13 first.

Something in the Stars - Pre-Phantasy Star 2, a young couple wonders about the fate of their son.

Because I Never Knew You - The story of Neifirst told from her own perspective. Even if you've read other Neifirst stories, I recommend you check this one out. Who knows? It may even give you a good cry at the end. Recommend reading Fatherhood first.

Protector - This is my first Phantasy Star 3 story and follows Lyle's quest to find and recover his cousin Maia.

Inner Peace - I always felt Kain was the weakest of Restoration's main characters so I wrote this to help myself think more about him and where he's coming from.

Used As Machine - Wren of Phantasy Star 3 is given a task better fitting for a machine than a cyborg with an all too human mind. Inspired by a Poul Anderson story.

University Blues - Hugh and Lore are students at the prestigious Kueri University when a bizarre outbreak of monsters takes the school by surprise.

Scoundrel - The story behind the scoundrels who destroyed the town of Arima with dynamite in Phantasy Star 2. A personal favorite.

He Believed - This story runs parallel to a flashback in chapter 16 of Restoration in which Rolf and his companions prepare themselves to fight Mother Brain.

A Daughter Done Right - My first Phantasy Star 4 story. Seed bids farewell to Rika and hopes, as much as a computer can, that she will turn out for the best.

Note: Half these stories are not directly Restoration -related, but since they takes place in the same "world" as the rest of my Phantasy Star work I've decided to include them here. Methinks I need a better way to organize this. Perhaps next update.

Future Stories: My next Phantasy Star fanfic that takes place in the Phantasy Star 2 era will likely be the third story to the three-part collection that also consists of Fatherhood and Because I Never Knew You (and don't worry, I won't be writing a fourth story about the Nei/Neifirst conflict ^_-). There are also two other Restoration-related stories I'd like to work on (both shorts), but I don't plan on writing them until I'm closer to the time I can release them. Hopefully that'll make me work on the main storyline more. ^_^

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