From person to person...
From age to age...
As long as memories last...
We will not forget the sacrifices that have been made.

Restoration and its related stories mainly concern themselves with the few years preceding Phantasy Star 2 and the era succeeding it. Nonetheless, the events within those years are numerous, and unlike most fanfics, several jumps forward in time are taken. For this reason I present the following timeline. It covers up to chapter 35 of Restoration and as far forward in time as the events mentioned in Inner Peace . Character birthdays and ages are noted where relevant, but will not always be mentioned.

I would like to incorporate as much info as is reasonable from the Japanese versions of Phantasy Star, but since my information about them is incomplete and I am primarily working off the American translations, complete accurancy is not possible. There are already several conflicts between Restoration and the official Phantasy Star timeline of Japan, which I learned also after I had already written those chapters and planned those events.

For simplicity's sake, (and because the Earthmen appear to have imposed the Gregorian calender on the Palmans) the AW system of years has been divided into twelve "standard" months using their English names. The calender is the same throughout Algo and is not assumed to match the length of time for any of the planets to orbit the sun. This standard calender is used by all Algolians to count age and determine the length of space travel. System-wide holidays are celebrated according to the AW calender, although events like the Last Week Celebration mentioned in chapter 20 are celebrated according to the local calender. Historical events are similarly listed in AW.

The Motavian year equals roughly sixteen standard months with an extra week added on at the end (the Last Week). Each of the seasons are approximately four months long with the Last Week occuring in the peak of winter. Paseo lies just above Motavia's equator, but due to the tilt of the planet and the elliptical orbit the change of seasons around the equator is about as noticable as in any mid-latitude desert climate. This unusual orbit is also why winter is longer than the other seasons.

The Restoration Timeline

1281, February

Joshua Kain runs away from home when he is 17 years old. Events of Inner Peace .

1281, April

At the age of 16, Hugh discovers the pathway by which carcenogenic mutagens attack fetal DNA in Palmans. He is currently working as a teaching assistant as part of his doctoral program. It is at this time he meets Lore, who is taking a class at the Kueri University as a gifted student. University Blues .

1281, June

Hugh's university project and subsequent dissertation on the topic earns him his doctorate (PhD), making him the youngest biologist on the planet. He turns 17 later this month.

1281, August

Hugh is hired on as part of the staff in the Biosystems Lab. He works with Dr. Stevens on plant DNA while simultaneously working on his own lower priority project, codenamed Nei.

1282, February

A power surge occurs in the Biosystems Lab and Neifirst's growth is accelerated far beyond Hugh's expectations. Unfortunately, Hugh himself is not there to see it happen. Dr. Stevens is supervising at the time and is horrified by what comes out of the test capsule. He and the other scientists try to kill her, resulting in Neifirst fighting back. Hugh later receives news that the lab was destroyed. He assumes that Neifirst was destroyed along with it.

1283, August

Nei separates from Neifirst.

1284, March

Lore turns 19. Biomonster situation worsens. The Palman government issues an edict warning people not to go out of the cities.

1284, April

Shir turns 21. Events of Phantasy Star II begin. Scoundrel , Fatherhood , Because I Never Knew You , and He Believed take place. Amy turns 23. Mother Brain is destroyed by Rolf and party.

1284, June

Hugh has his 20th birthday just before Lore comes to Paseo to help him and Kain restore the power to Motavia. Farms to provide food and employment are swiftly set up by the New Council.

1284, August

Rudo turns 35. Lore visits home.

1284, September

Rolf turns 21. Weather satellite Orbus -type repaired.

1284, October

The Palman fleet contacts the Motavian Command Center.

1284, December

The Palman refugees land. Lore's relatives are not among them. The following evening a reception is held at which Lore meets Shir for the first time. Kain has his 21st birthday mid-month.

1285, January

Lore meets Cassandra (Cass) Delanee for the first time while trying to store her work in the Paseo Archive.

1285, March

Lore celebrates her 20th birthday. The trio is called to the Motavian Command Center to discuss their plans for recovering information from Mother Brain on Noah. Hugh sees Amy again for the first time since the party had split and tries to resume what could have been a romantic relationship with her. The New Council begins plans for the Daughter Project.

1285, April

Hugh gets depressed having had permission to head the mission to Noah revoked from him in favor of a Palman scientist. Lore discovers his drinking problem and he panics, seeking refuge in the remains of the Biosystems lab. Lore and Kain track him down, and learn that genetically, Hugh is Nei's father.

Lore, Hugh, and Kain head for Noah and are shot down by the cloaked ship by surprise. They land near the town of Kepfall and met with Tyler and Jade, who will give them a new ship to use. Hugh has flashbacks to his travels with Rolf; once during the stay at Kepfall, and another just as they prepare to board Noah. Hugh comes to grip with his previous deeds in order to save Lore's life. The trio download every fragment of information they can squeeze out of Mother Brain's remains before blowing them up.

1285, May

The three return from Noah. Rolf and Cass have covered for their absense, although the Council is suspicious. The Palman-lead team heads out to Noah, but finds nothing except corpses.

1285, June

The Last Week Celebration comes. It reveals how divided the Palmans are when the only people willing to celebrate are those who lived on Motavia prior to Palm's destruction. Gillian Dawson is appointed to the New Council. Hugh's 21st birthday comes later this month.

1285, July

Hugh, Kain, and Lore go to revive Seed. Kain begins plans for a new type of AI; an android.

1285, August

While at a robot factory Lore, Hugh, and Kain meet Bahnim, a bright young Motavian who is a little less reckless and more understanding of Palmans than the rest of its kind. Bahnim shows the three of them a virtually intact poleziax shell to use as the body frame for their android. Back in Paseo Kain discovers the chatty tech he first heard while while reviving Seed is now a member of his android design team.

1285, September

While Kain remains in Paseo, Hugh departs to begin work on the new Biolab and New Zema and Lore heads to Arima as a part of the Education Board of Directors.

1286, January

Political turmoil grows and at least part of the Council is forced to go through elections. Many political parties form and die within a span of a few short weeks. It ends with a group of four somewhat powerful parties coming out on top, with an assortment of a few smaller ones around them.

1286, July

The first electrons draw near. Kain begins to worry that funding for his android may be pulled. When he asks for a name for the android Lore asks him to use Wren, after her cousin.

1286, October

During the Last Week Celebration the Paseo Archive is burned to the ground, taking all of Lore's work with it.

1286, December

Gillian is reseated as Councillor. Wren is activated.

1287, January

Locations of the satellites Zelan and Kuran discovered. Kain, Hugh, Lore, and Wren fly to Zelan on the Dipwad to investigate its condition.

1287, February

Kain presents his plans for the Nurvus network to the Council.

1287, May

The Council votes for Daughter to be taken offline, although an emergency activator for her will be integrated with Nurvus in the event the system should ever completely shut down. Nurvus is elected to take her place. Kenneth and Dana Mahlay join the staff of the new Biolab.

1287, August

Construction on Nurvus's heart begins. Hugh refuses to help, or to allow any of the Biolab's staff to do so under the lab's name. The first set of apprentices to aid the full time staff members are rounded up. Donald Kain first appears to Lore Drakon.

1287, November

Wren is stationed for his first long term on Zelan. David accompanies him.

1288, January

Bombing of the Motavian Agricultural Center. The Biolab opens, though still not integrated with Nurvus.

1288, May

Wren attempts to bring the Plate System online and a massive earthquake strikes, leveling New Zema and burying the Biolab in the ground.

1288, June

Donald appears again, this time to Hugh. Lore convinces Hugh to reconcile with Kain.

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