Trivia Section

Okay, I'll admit it, this section is completely unnecessary to the enjoyment of my work. But I like to discuss the events behind my stories (I'm a very chatty writer if given the chance) and since reading all this is entirely optional, you have been warned! I have a tendency to babble about my work too much, so don't swallow all this in one gulp. ^_- Also, all my trvia bits are listed in alphabetical order.

The Counter

Okay, so you wanna know who's in that counter I have up front. All of them are characters who have or will have an appearance in Restoration . Hugh and Kain are pretty easy to pick out, or so I should hope. But just in case, here is the listing of all the characters who have been introduced thus far:

1) Hugh
2) Lore
3) Kain
4) Cass
5) Gillian
6) Sharon
7) David
8) Dana
9) Kenneth

The character with the number 0 has not been introduced yet so I won't mention who she is. If Kenneth looks a tad bit familiar to you, it's because he's also the Professor/item store clerk in Phantasy Star 2 .

The Dream

Dreams are very cool, aren't they? Even if they are utterly incomprehensible at least they're worth a good night's entertainment. Or maybe not. In the beginning of chapter 15 Lore had a dream that was probably far more disturbing than entertaining. I wish I could consciously take credit for that sequence, but I can't, because my unconsciousness came up with it. Everything that Lore saw and felt in that dream (except the floating above the bed at the end) was taken from a dream I had while I was still working on chapter 14. I, as Lore, was slowly freezing to death, and Hugh and another presence (Kain) were definitely in the dream. Psychologists in the house may care to analyze the fact I have a strong aversion to cold (I wouldn't last ten minutes on Dezo) and that the house everyone was in was my greataunt's house. The glass table and yellow chairs used to be my family's dining room set, but we gave it to my greataunt a long time ago (and she no longer has them). What all that means, I don't know. But feel free to speculate.

The Grove

Much as I try not to directly rip off names for places in fiction from places in real life, the Grove that Hugh, Kain, and Lore hang out at is named after the Grove Cafe at the University of California, San Diego. It's a quaint outdoors place for coffee and pastries in real life, looking nothing like the more urban enviroment its Motavian incarnation exists in. They don't serve food as the Grove in Paseo does, but it's a quiet place to study and load up on caffeine. I don't personally hang out there often, but the times I've been there have left a favorable impression.

The Music

[Music used in chapter 25]

The lyrics to that song used in chapter 25 of Restoration were written to the melody of Wakatte Itahazu . See below.

[Music I write to]

I like to write to music, and for each multi-part story there tends to be a sort of song collection I develop specifically to inspire me. A soundtrack as it were. For Restoration I have settled on the music of the Fushigi Yuugi anime. I've listened to the opening and ending themes of the TV series more times than I can count. (Katherine, if you're reading this, thanks for the soundtrack! =) =) ). And of course, after this amount of time, each of the main characters begins to acquire his/her own theme song(s); sometimes in English, sometimes in Japanese.

Hugh's Theme - "The Promise" by When in Rome, "1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou" (translation: "1/3 Pure Feelings") by Siam Shade
Kain's Theme - "Black Bugs" by Regurgitator
Lore's Theme - "Wakatte Itahazu" (translation: "I Should Have Known") by Akemi Satou

I know the choices may seem surprising (personally I don't imagine Hugh's voice being deep enough to sing "The Promise" or Lore's being high enough for "Wakatte Itahazu"), but something about those songs, whether the lyrics, the imagery that accompanied them, or simply the melody struck me in a way that I could not help but imagine those characters along with the music. I must thank Ice-digger for suggesting "Black Bugs" to me as Kain's theme song because prior to that I could not find one for him. Thanks again, Ice!

Also, sometimes when I hear a song on the radio I tie it in to something in my writing. There are two songs currently tied in to a event I have planned in Restoration's future. They are "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" by Aerosmith from the Armageddon movie and "How Do I Live" by LeAnn Rimes from Con Air. Those of you familiar with the songs may read into them as you will. As a note I hadn't seen either of these movies before selecting the songs. Indeed, I was very shocked to discover who sang them after I decided that they'd be perfect for the same scene (seen from two different points of view) in my story. Strangely enough, both songs were written by the same person!

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