Restoration Updates

February 15, 2001 -I just sent Maxx chapter 37 of Restoration so I figured I'd update the page while I'm at it. I brought the timeline up to date and added another story to the relevant stories list. There may be another addition to that list in the near future. I have Phantasy Star Online now and while I don't go online very often, you may be able to spot me as Lorelei, a HUnewearl. For those interested, Lorelei is named after a fanfic numan character of mine. Her story has not been written yet, but if you've read A Daughter Done Right you may notice that her name is mentioned in there. (Big whoop, I know. ;P)

December 13, 2000 -Counter is working again.

December 10, 2000 -Well, obviously, the Restoration Saga has changed URLs. My personal site as well as the rest of the stuff that used to be on are now at Sabrecat.Net. Only thing is, the counter isn't working around now because I can't seem to get in touch with the Video Game Web Services page to let them know I've moved.

July 22, 2000 -My awards from the Phantasy Star Fanfic Awards have been posted on my personal page. Added Kenneth and Dana to the bios page. Updated the list of relevant stories and the timeline.

April 8, 2000 -This is not really an update so much as an announcement. The Phantasy Star Fanfic Awards are over and while I think my fics should have done better, I haven't come away empty-handed. I placed in the top three of the some of the more interesting categories (for me at any rate). Fatherhood walked away with first place for Best Character Study and Restoration placed third for Best Novella/Novel. Lore Drakon took third place as Best Original Character. (First and second place were ahead of her by two and one votes respectively--what a margin!) I know I keep saying it, but I can't believe how much people like her. The actual awards themselves aren't ready just yet, but when they are they will likely be available somewhere on my personal site, Rune's Page of Stuff. After all, if I get any awards for non-Phantasy Star stuff I'd like to be able to put it all in the same place. ^_-

March 16, 2000 -Added a new piece of artwork created especially for my fanfic University Blues , which details an unusual week of the early days of Hugh and Lore at Kueri University. Updated the relevant stories, useless trivia, and timeline sections. Just a bit on the last one. Posted the next page of Phantasy Star Collection screen captures (pics 121-144 of PS4). One more page to go and then it'll all be up. The Phantasy Star Fanfic Awards voting has been extended to April 1st. Don't forget to vote!

December 4, 1999 -Check out the Phantasy Star Fanfic Awards voting booth and vote for your favorite fanfics! Restoration recently got a new chapter posted at the Phantasy Star Pages as well. Look for a PS3 fic about Wren in the near future. In site news, I added a button for the fanfic awards to the main page and posted the next page of Phantasy Star Collection screen captures (pics 97-120 of PS4).

September 3, 1999 -The next page of Phantasy Star Collection screen captures (pics 73-96) is available. Updated the links to Restoration and its related stories now that they've been moved to their new server. Updates also go for the timeline and the relavent stories pages. Plus, I have a new piece of CG art available. I put up banners to the Phantasy Star Pages and Phantasy Come True on my links page. There you can also check out my new banner for Restoration.

July 15, 1999 -After two months I add the third page of PS4 screen captures from Phantasy Star Collection (pics 49-72). I'm sorry, I know I haven't been taking care of this site very well compared to the Shrine's near weekly updates, but it's difficult to keep two sites up to date and still write as much as I do. Added links to Zio's Guide to Phantasy Star IV and Camineet.Net (Hi, Mike!). Go and visit them. :) When Maxx at the PS Pages finishes his backlog of mail, look for two more Restoration chapters and a new short story from me. I'm waffling on whether or not I should post my work here as well since Maxx is taking a while. I know he must be awfully busy, but nonetheless I like to have my work available as soon as possible. I plan to post the stories here eventually, but right now I'd prefer to wait until Restoration is done because of the time commitment necessary.

May 16, 1999 -Finally added the second page of the Phantasy Star 4 screen captures. Pics 25-48 are up. If you want to see the translation of the Yoshibon Club manga (included among the screen captures) it's posted at Rebecca Capowski's Phantasy Compendium Translation page. Added a link to Naflign's Ego. (Hi, Naf! ::waves::)

April 30, 1999 -Added a page detailing the Phantasy Star short stories I've written since they all take place in the same universe as Restoration . The first set of Phantasy Star 4 images from Phantasy Star Collection are up on the web. I'll gradually add successive batches of twenty-four screen captures until all 167 images are up on the web. Added a little more music information to the trivia page.

April 12, 1999 -The Phantasy Star 3 images from the Phantasy Star Collection CD are finally up in the gallery! I also updated the timeline a little bit to reflect the new short story Because I Never Knew You , but it's just a few words; no spoilers. Changed the link to the Phantasy Star Discussion Board to the new URL and added a link to Neilast's Beyond Algo since she was so kind as to link to me. ^_^ I count her as one of my more prestigious readers. Finally, I updated the trivia section with information on the people in the counter.

February 9, 1999 -Added another link to an interesting Phantasy Star-related place. Not the usual site by any means. Also, I have my own custom Phantasy Star counter now! (Thank you, PD!) It's of the Restoration characters. :) See if you can guess who they are! Answers will be posted in the trivia section sometime in the future. Oh, and the characters with the numbers 8, 9, and 0 haven't been introduced yet so don't worry about them. ^^;

February 2, 1999 - Added the Phantasy Star counter and a link to the Phantasy Star Counter page in my dinky new links section.

January 30, 1999 - Well, this page is new for one thing. The major update is the fact the Phantasy Star Collection images are now up. I know I've been meaning to post them since last summer! I tinkered with the timeline a bit, added more song information on the trivia page, and added bios for Sharon and David as a part of the supporting cast. Somehow I have the feeling I'll be rewriting everyone's bios in the future.

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