So you wanna know about me...

...Otherwise you wouldn't be here. ^_^ Why do you want to know about me? I dunno. But in case you're wondering, well, that's what this short little page is here for.

I'm probably best known on the net for my fanfiction (fanfics) and I have gone by many names on the net. From 1995 to early 1998 the most common ones were Ghaleon Dragonstar and Rune Walsh. Early in 1998 I decided to finally unify all my netbound fanfics under the name Rune Lai and I still go by that nick today. I also run the popular Lunar website the Shrine to Ghaleon , the website for Lunar IRC RPG V: Magic Empire, and most recently, The Restoration Saga specifically for my Phantasy Star fanfics.

I'm twenty-six years old and a graduate of the University of California at San Diego (it's a mouthful so I usually say UCSD, but then no one knows what I'm talking about). In June of '99 I received my bachelor's in biology and a minor in literature/writing. Despite my major, I am pursuing a career in the video game industry as a designer or writer. Currently I am a quality assurance tester at Buena Vista Games. Eventually, however, I would like to become a full-time novelist.

I've been playing video games since I was five years old, and I got my Sega Master System when I was ten. My first RPG was Phantasy Star, and to date, the Phantasy Star series is still my favorite. I currently have four video games systems hooked up to the TV in my room (my old Sega Master System, my Genesis with Sega CD, my Dreasmcast, and my TurboGrafx-16). Yes, it looks like a mess, but everything works and I have a surge protector for it all. Over half the systems are usually unplugged anyway.

My dream is to someday be able to maintain a middle-class level of living (at least ^_^) from my writing. I love writing fantasy and science fiction stories, so RPGs really have an appeal for me. I've been taking my writing seriously for several years now and my unpublished (and unpublishable in the case of fanfics) works contain one novel, twenty novellas, several short stories, and God only knows how many unfinished works. My personal goal to help hone my skills is to complete no less than one story a month, fanfic or original, and with one exception, I have held to that conviction since I made it May of 1998. (The exception happened in November 2003 which saw my computer go on the fritz for over two months, which consumed much of my free time.)

If you're interested in looking at my writing for whatever reason, here's a listing of all the fanfics I have that are posted on the web (including those that are at my Shrine to Ghaleon) as well as direct links to them. To give you a little perspective over how my skills have progressed, I've included the dates they were completed. I also noted what anime or RPG series they were based on. You can see where my story a month requirement kicked in. The months since 5/98 that have no story listed for them either have not had that fanfic posted yet or I wrote an original piece that month. (Note: I'm in the process of updating these links, many if which have been outdated as websites have either moved or gone offline. Some of these fanfics currently don't have homes though I am trying to find some.)

Crossing the Rubicon (1/94) - Lunar
An Ending (6/94) - Lunar
Anubis, Arise! (9/95) - Ronin Warriors (broken link)
Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures (10/96) - Lunar
Memories (2/97) - Lunar
Decision at Talon (5/97) - Lunar
Summons (12/97) - Lunar/Vay/Popful Mail
Fatherhood (3/98) - Phantasy Star
Ebb Night (4/98) - Voltron
Ghost of Caldor Isle (5/98) - Lunar
I, the Blue Dragon (6/98) - Lunar
Something in the Stars (8/98) - Phantasy Star
Blood Ties (9/98) - Voltron
Heir to the Guild (10/98) - Lunar
Beneath the Moon (12/98) - Popful Mail (offline)
Because I Never Knew You (1/99) - Phantasy Star
Left Behind (2/99) - Voltron
Protector (6/99) - Phantasy Star
Betrayal's Lesson (7/99) - Lunar
Inner Peace (8/99) - Phantasy Star
Used As Machine (11/99) - Phantasy Star
University Blues (12/99) - Phantasy Star
Scoundrel (1/00) - Phantasy Star
He Believed (5/00) - Phantasy Star
A Daughter Done Right (6/00) - Phantasy Star
Ancient (7/00) - The Legend of Dragoon (offline)
Sorrow's Path (8/00) - The Legend of Dragoon (offline)
Confession of the Soul (10/00) - Lunar
The Amber Robe (1/01) - Phantasy Star
Eurydice (2/01) - Phantasy Star
Faith (3/01) - Phantasy Star
Legends and Lore (6/01) - Phantasy Star
Heavens Fall Without You (7/01) - Phantasy Star
My Hatred in Me (8/01) - Lunar
Only Shadows (1/02) - Breath of Fire (offline)
Sins of the Fathers (3/02) - Phantasy Star
The Sameness We Share (4/02) - Phantasy Star
My Keep, My Home (6/02) - Shining Force (offline)
Sins of the Children (7/02) - Phantasy Star
Sins of Humanity (8/02) - Phantasy Star
A Dragon's Pride (1/03) - Lunar
Reflections (2/03) - Lost Kingdoms (offline)
What is Courage, What is Sacrifice, What is Right (3/03) - Breath of Fire (offline)
Sins of the Fallen (8/03) - Phantasy Star
Princess of Cille (12/03) - Phantasy Star
Sins of Faith (1/04) - Phantasy Star
Restoration (in progress) - Phantasy Star

Number of posted fanfics by series:

Breath of Fire - 2
Crossovers - 1
The Legend of Dragoon - 2
Lost Kingdoms - 1
Lunar - 12
Phantasy Star - 23
Popful Mail - 1
Ronin Warriors - 1
Shining Force - 1
Voltron - 3

Web "Reprints"

If for some reason you cannot access the preceeding stories, some of them have been "reprinted" at other web sites after their original posting. If you want to reprint one of my stories (repost might be more like it in the web's case), contact me. I usually will give out a short story or two to smaller sites that need it and show that they are capable of maintaining a fanfic archive.

Anubis, Arise! (9/95) - Ronin Warriors
Anubis, Arise! (9/95) - Ronin Warriors (a third site)
Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures (10/96) - Lunar
Fatherhood (3/98) - Phantasy Star (broken link)
Ebb Night (4/98) - Voltron
Ebb Night (4/98) - Voltron (a third site)
Ghost of Caldor Isle (5/98) - Lunar
Ghost of Caldor Isle (5/98) - Lunar (a third site)
I, the Blue Dragon (6/98) - Lunar
Blood Ties (9/98) - Voltron
Heir to the Guild (10/98) - Lunar
Protector (6/99) - Phantasy Star
Used As Machine (11/99) - Phantasy Star
Heavens Fall Without You (7/01) - Phantasy Star

If you find my work at a site that is not listed here please let me know. While I tend to be lenient about the display of certain fanfics, I do not appreciate their posting without my permission.

Also I've started my own mailing list (manually run) for people who want to receive my fanfics via e-mail. If you want to join, e-mail me and I will add you to the list. You'll typically receive a chapter of my current long term fanfic (Restoration) every so often with occasional short stories thrown in between. This mailing list is for any and all fanfics I write, so their topics can vary although they'll likely stay along the lines of RPGs and to a lesser degree anime.

Original (aka Non-Fanfic) Stories

"I am You" appeared in Millenium Science Fiction & Fantasy Volume 8, Issue 9, November 2000
"Rat Bait" appeared in Foxfire #2 March/April 2001
"Rat Trap" appeared in Foxfire #3 May/June 2001
"Marlene and the Tiger" appeared in Kinships #5 Spring 2002
"The Cape of Feathers" appeared in Parageography Summer 2003
"I Can See the Earth" appeared in Twilight Times Summer 2003
"If Medea Knew" appeared in Song of the Siren January 2004

I have an upcoming story in the magazine Hadrosaur Tales.

Please note that these are magazines rather than story archives so my stories may only be available from them for a limited time (unless back issues are available). I'll announce here once any new stories have been published. Unlike my fanfics, these are printed under my real name.

If you are interesting in reading more of my original work, being on my mailing list is the best way to find out when I have a new story available for reading. However this isn't a free ride. I require readers of my original work to critique the story in exchange for the reading. I sometimes will post a call for critiquers on the Shrine to Ghaleon Message Board or on Maxx's Phantasy Star Discussion Board , but being on my ML is really the best way to get the information. Or, if you so choose, you can simply e-mail me and see what I have available for you to look at. I usually have something that needs critiquing that I might not actively be searching out critiquers for.

Adopt a Dragon Foundation

My homepage has its own guardian dragon! If he's not slacking off somewhere. ^_- Meet Dunkelein, a poor dragon rescued from the evils of wandering the human world. He now has a home where he can browse through my literature all day!

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